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Back In My Day We Advertised On Desktops - Pay Per Call Tip of the Week - July 12 2013

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Tip of the Week:

Pay-Per-Call offers are definitely working very well on mobile traffic sources, but that doesn't mean desktop traffic doesn't work too!

Although most of our publishers are promoting campaigns via mobile search and mobile display, there are still campaigns that work well on desktop traffic sources. There are a few campaigns in particular that lend themselves to desktop traffic better than others, like Tech Support, Alarms, Home Services, etc.

If you already have an existing campaign that works, add a relevant phone number to get paid for calls too! Adding a phone number to a creative adds credibility and may lead to better overall conversions and higher EPC's.

Hot Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • CashNet USA Payday Loans Pay Per Call - Personal Loan
  • Empire Today Pay Per Call - Carpet and Flooring
  • Livelinks Pay Per Call - Dating

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Featured Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • The Credit Pros - Credit Repair
  • iON My Sleep Pay Per Call - Sleep Apnea
  • Satellite TV Pay Per Call

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Mike Williams