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Best Quotes from Affiliate Summit West 2013 via #ASW13

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Affiliate Summit West 2013

Although I wasn't personally at Affiliate Summit West this year, I was following the #asw13 hashtag on Twitter. I've selected to best quotes from Affiliate Summit West 2013 below. Enjoy!

For more information on Affiliate Summit visit http://www.affiliatesummit.com or follow @affiliatesummit on Twitter.

Day 1

@notagrouch - "You know you're at #ASW13 when you have four geeks hanging out in the room watching youtube videos. @johnchow @thinkcomps" View on Twitter

@Affiture "Top 10 companies to meet at Affiliate Summit (+ @Affiture!) http://ow.ly/gFNuh  via @performinsider #asw13" View on Twitter

@SwaggnDragon "Sometimes you just Feel the need to drink Stella Artois at 6 am in front of the bellagio..#asw13 #vegas #tur http://instagr.am/p/Ubb9jmkNzD/" View on Twitter

@jedduffield "Google+ is a quick way to get pages indexed quickly by sharing it there and can increase your search results. #asw13 #socialchokehold" View on Twitter

‏@techguy "So true. And if you treat her right she rewards you! MT @swetton "Google is like a woman, you try to cheat you'll just get slapped" #asw13" View on Twitter

‏@stvauyeung "If your site has a problem, keep asking 'Why?' until you get to the root cause. This is called 'The Five Why's' method. #ASW13" View on Twitter

‏@upyourbiz "If your site isn't mobile-optimized, you're losing money. #ASW13 #HangingMyHeadInShame" View on Twitter

@wpengine "Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Themes for WordPress in 2013 | @WPFreaks #asw13 http://bit.ly/WCZ4fY" View on Twitter

@jangro "Developing Affiliate Marketing Websites #ASW13 @jamesmartell session overview http://bit.ly/V63fUt . Great tips." View on Twitter

@sunshinetricia "Good news! "32% of online buyers begin shopping experience on affiliate site" #asw13" View on Twitter

@BradWaller "Reference Jeremy Palmer article in Feedfront: Stop Building Affiliate Sites. Build a brand. #asw13" View on Twitter

Day 2

@Jilly_Beans "Love this - “@BradWaller: If you have an idea, do it. Biggest barrier is inaction. #asw13”" View on Twitter

@77andSunny "Can't tell whether I'm having Vegas insomnia, or East Coast slept too late. #Asw13" View on Twitter

@syedbalkhi "RT @wpbeginner: How to Increase Traffic and Sales with #Video Marketing - http://wpbeg.in/13vhgPi  #asw13 session by @HeatherRomiti" View on Twitter

@BradWaller "Largest affiliate summit to date. 5,725 attendees! #asw13" View on Twitter

@TryEventifier "We have archived all the Photos, Vidoes & Tweets for the event #ASW13 here, have a look: http://eventifier.co/event/asw13  @amandablain @lcyra @MissyWard" View on Twitter

@behindhomeplate "You know it's cold in Vegas when your Canadian clients are complaining about the weather #asw13" View on Twitter

@CynthiaSchames ""You'll get to know everything you need to know if you hang around the right people." Rudy Ruettiger. #ASW13" View on Twitter

@sylviacintron "Mobile search has grown faster than desktop search -> 30 B calls are generated by these efforts #ASW13" View on Twitter

@LinkShare_CA "Wow Jason Spievek of @RingRevenue says 4.2 billion own a toothbrush but 5.1 billion own a mobile phone! #ASW13" View on Twitter

@ericosiu "inbound calls convert at 30-50% #ASW13" View on Twitter

@CynthiaSchames ""There is probably more development & innovation in affiliate than any other channel"-- Ewan Darby, Neo @ Ogilvy. #ASW13" View on Twitter

@sylviacintron "Quality checks, IVRs(filters) will increase conversions for PPCall campaigns #mobile #ASW13" View on Twitter

@jessesem "Affiliate Summit drinking game. Drink every time you hear the word monetize. #ASW13" View on Twitter

@WarrenWhitlock "Customers on mobile would rather receive an email than a text message. @declandunn #asw13 via @JamesMartell" View on Twitter

@behindhomeplate "Dear Las Vegas, You are a desert. Stop being Antartica. Sincerely, 5,237 freezing affiliate marketers #ASW13" View on Twitter

Day 3

@jessesem "I thought Vegas was supposed to be warm? #asw13 @ The Mirage Waterfall http://instagr.am/p/Uf7-Y2LgPq/" View on Twitter

@BradWaller "Nothing like getting back to your room just before dawn at #ASW13 thanks JP and #maxbounty for a GREAT night" View on Twitter

@BradWaller "Next up, Affiliate Manager of the Year: John Nunez #asw13" View on Twitter

@stvauyeung "Congrats @RhinoFishPPC for winning the Affiliate of the Year Pinnacle Award!! #ASW13" View on Twitter

@LFI ""To succeed in life you have two have things: ignorance and confidence" - Mark Twain #asw13 Keynote Founder of Baby Einstein" View on Twitter

@behindhomeplate "Affiliate. Zombies. Everywhere. #asw13" View on Twitter

@dragonflytweet "The future of everything is mobile << this isn't new news, or do people not recognize this? #ASW13" View on Twitter

@sharonmostyn "95% of your decisions are made pre-consciously. @tim_ash #asw13" View on Twitter

@jeremypalmer "Affiliate Summit Speakers Dinner #asw13. The most unhealthy menu in Vegas. (@ Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill) http://4sq.com/XcB3gc"" View on Twitter

@marketingelf "Vegas it has been fun, but I am Affiliate Summit tired & ready to go home. Thank you @MissyWard & @affiliatetip for a great Summit! #asw13" View on Twitter

@notagrouch "Hope everyone made it home or back to their rooms safely. #ASW13 Everyone recovering well from all the parties?" View on Twitter

@behindhomeplate "Most overused phrase of Affiliate Summit West 2013: Red Bull and vodka #asw13" View on Twitter

Seems like it was a really great show! I hope to see you at the next Affiliate Summit.

Mike Williams