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Enhanced Campaigns are Coming! – Pay Per Call Tip of the Week – July 19 2013

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Enhanced Campaigns

Tip of the Week:

Starting on July 22, 2013 Google Adwords will be "upgrading" to their new "enhanced" campaigns and there will be no more mobile device specific targeting campaigns. But, it's certainly not the end for pay per call campaigns on Google!

Here at Ring Partner we have already embraced enhanced campaigns and although it can be more challenging, it's still profitable and it still works with pay per call campaigns. We adjusted our bidding methods to target mobile traffic by bidding low on desktops and using the 300+ bid adjustment to increase our mobile traffic. Also, there's no reason why pay per call can't work on desktops, it's just easier on mobile.

Watch our video on Using Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns with Pay Per Call.

You can learn more about Enhanced Campaigns from Google here.

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  • iYogi Antivirus - Pay Per Call
  • My Tech Gurus Pay Per Call - Virus Removal

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New Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • Garage Door Repair Pay Per Call
  • The Credit Pros - Credit Repair
  • Ring Positive Payday Loan Exclusive Pay Per Call

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Mike Williams