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Enhanced Campaigns Have Arrived – Pay Per Call Tip of the Week – July 26 2013

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Tip of the Week:

This week Google began rolling out their new Enhanced Campaigns and marketers are now unable to target mobile devices specifically, changing the pay per call game entirely. However, this is just a change in direction, not the end of pay per call.

It's too soon to make any drastic changes, but as the dust settles there's going to be more opportunities for the publishers that are committed to pay per call on Google search. Yes, search just got harder, but for those who are willing to battle through a little adversity, the payoff should be huge.

In order to counteract the amount of desktop and tablet traffic your campaigns will now receive, you can use the +300% bid adjustment. Take note that this is not a multiplier, but a plus adjustment, there is a difference. If you want mobile traffic, set your desktop bids lower and target +300% to mobile devices.

You can also build landing pages that detect mobile or desktop traffic and send the user to the appropriate page, with the hopes that some of the desktop traffic you receive will convert too.

You can watch our video on Using Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns with Pay Per Call.

Also, check out this in-depth article on creating mobile call focused campaigns - http://www.thomascreekconcepts.com/can-you-create-a-call-only-enhanced-campaign/

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