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Get Paid for All of Your Calls – Pay Per Call Tip of the Week – August 23 2013

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Pay On Call

Tip of the Week:

Here at Ring Partner we recently released campaigns that pay for every call, yes, every call. We have "pay on call" campaigns for Education, Antivirus, Payday Loans, Health Insurance and Auto Insurance, with more to come!

Pay on call campaigns pay a small base payout and a bonus for longer calls. This new payout structure should allow for publishers to take less risk when starting a campaign and optimize more easily. The bonus payout rewards publishers for sending longer calls and better aligns the publishers' motivations with the advertisers' needs.

We're constantly looking for new and better ways to help publishers grow and earn more with pay per call campaigns. Pay on call is just one of many ways we're trying to help publishers succeed. Stay tuned for more new and innovative payout methods and campaigns on the Ring Partner network. Be sure to stay in touch with your Affiliate Manager or contact mike@ringpartner.com on email or RingPartnerMike on Skype.

If you want more information about pay on call please contact your Affiliate Manager or email affiliates@ringpartner.com.

Hot Pay On Call Campaigns

  • Ring Positive College Search Exclusive Pay On Call
  • Ring Positive Payday Loan Exclusive Pay On Call
  • Ring Positive Auto Insurance Exclusive Pay On Call

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New Pay On Call Campaigns

  • Ring Positive Antivirus Support Exclusive Pay On Call
  • Ring Positive Health Insurance Exclusive Pay On Call
  • Ring Positive Payday Loan Exclusive Pay On Call

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Mike Williams