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Is Mobile Advertising Right for Your Business?

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Advertisting 
The next time you're out and about, take a look around.

What are people doing?

Chances are, they're tip-tap-tapping away on a mobile device.

A comScore survey revealed Americans spent 958 billion total minutes last May on their computers, smartphones and tablets, with smartphone use the largest driver.

Expect that number to keep climbing as airlines offer inflight Wi-Fi as a selling point.

You know what that means?

Mobile matters

With eyes focused on mobile screens, you have a very captive audience for advertising.

The potential can range from banner ads to interstitial video, enticing those eyes to click through to your site and learn more about your product or service.

If you're looking for ways to grow your reach and increase your revenue, you should consider making mobile advertising as a part of your Pay Per Call marketing strategy.

Here are five tips for making your mobile ads work:

1. Know your customer

OK, this is a basic rule of thumb for all marketing. You already know this, right? But did you know the mobile space is dominated by users younger than 30? You need to pinpoint who your customers are, how they use their mobile devices and what apps they download.

2. Be interesting

Mobile advertising is really starting to get competitive. On your next screen, you might see a beautiful girl in a bikini relaxing on a beach. Meanwhile, you're in the heart of the polar vortex. Don't you want to click through and see where that travel company can take you? I know I do.

3. Keep it simple

Your user is typically on the move. He's going somewhere, checking his favorite apps on the way to lunch, work or the gym. Don’t clog your ad with a lot of text or ask for a lot of information. Make everything obvious and simple, allowing the user to take action in a minimal number of steps.

4. Make your user do something

You have a great offer. Maybe it's a travel package to find that beautiful girl on the beach, or it could be something as simple as a discount or product launch. Make sure your mobile ad has a strong call-to-action, enticing your user to do something. Use only one CTA and make that button easy to click (i.e. BIG).

5. The competition is tough

One of the best ways to make sure the mobile user responds to your ad is to offer him something valuable in return for his attention.

The mobile user is a savvy consumer, one who has turned his attention away from the more mainstream media. He skips past TV commercials on his DVR and downloads music to avoid listening to radio.

Mobile advertising is a great way to regain his attention, as long as you're interesting, engaging and offering a great deal.

Mike Williams

Image source: Steve Rhodes via Compfight