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Mobile Marketing Insights Gained In 2016

Mobile Marketing

Reading time: 3 minutes

There's no shortage of proof that the smartphone has changed not just the lifestyle and consuming habits of American shoppers, but those of consumers around the globe. As of 2016, 47% of the Earth's population, roughly 3.4 billion people, owned a smartphone. By 2016 the world is expected to cross the 50% majority mark when some 600 million new users come online.

Estimates for smartphone saturation by 2020 state that some 80% of the population will own a smartphone. With literally billions of people out there for your business to connect to, what actionable mobile marketing tips should you know from this point forward in 2016?

Improve Mobile Marketing Automation

Customer engagement and individual experience matter in today's world. Your customers expect better experiences and a more intimate engagement, which means using mobile marketing automation through in-app marketing to connect with the right consumer, in the right way, at the right time. When used properly, developers have noticed an 86% increase in engagement, along with higher conversions and better insight into consumer behavior.

Paid isn't Always Better

Marketers tend to assume that mobile apps that require payment to download generate better consumers for the brand. A recent study however found that 91% of consumer installs are organic apps, not paid products. Optimizing organic installs instead of focusing on paid apps generates more quality consumers in your target base, improves loyalty, boosts word of mouth, and helps keep your own costs down as well.

Multi-Touch Attribution

We often discuss multi-channel attribution in our Pay Per Call posts, and the concept of multiple channels is equally relevant to the mobile marketing conversation. In most cases, consumers download an app from a business based upon the influence of many different ads and multiple clicks as they surf the web. Research suggests the average is as high as five or seven different views or clicks.

Understanding where your consumers are coming from, what they've seen online, and what they've interacted with are critical in optimizing your conversion rates and gaining greater clarity on customer behavior. If you can map your consumer's journey from start to finish, you can better tailor the experience that guides them to your brand.