Pay Per Call and Your Small Business: Flower Shops


Whether you like stereotypes or not, flowers are a man’s go-to solution when he’s late for dinner with his wife (or girlfriend) or needs a last-minute gift on those important days of the year. Flower shops occupy a unique place in local economies. There are a few businesses in the average local economy that consumer search for with the same level of urgency that flower shops experience.

When someone decides they need (or want) flowers, that decision has been made in a snap and they often jump on their mobile device to map out the closest florist. With this in mind, how can flower shops use Pay Per Call marketing to take advantage of that urgency and increase sales?

Understand Search Terms

Flower shops using Pay Per Call marketing will target web searches first and foremost. While it is common to see advertisements for florists in local flyers and newspapers, when someone needs flowers they don’t rush to find the nearest print advertisement. Instead, they pick up their smartphone or tablet and type in search terms like "flower shop near me," "florists in (city)," and "where’s the nearest flower shop."

The key to succeeding with a Pay Per Call campaign is to understand which search terms consumers in your local area are using. This includes being aware of the related search terms and auto-complete features that are commonly used in association with flower shops and florists. For example, search terms related to florists often include wedding flowers, memorial florists, and (city) florists.

When you know which terms are most popular, you can tailor your campaign so that your ads (and your phone number) appear alongside consumer searches. Your publisher can help fine-tune your Pay Per Call campaign to ensure the right keywords are attached to your marketing efforts.

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Geo-Fencing Focuses Your Campaign

The average urban or suburban region in the US has numerous flower shops in the area. An individual sitting at their desk during the workday is going to be more interested in finding the nearest florist than finding the best florist. You might be the best florist in town, but if your business is 20 minutes in the opposite direction from that individual’s house, your ad and phone number won’t attract their business.

Geo-fencing technology can help refine the geographical area in which your Pay Per Call campaign appears on mobile and desktop web applications. Your publisher can help you define the geographical parameters of your marketing efforts to ensure that your ads appear in front of the eyeballs of the consumers most likely to purchase flowers from your shop.

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