Pay Per Call and Your Small Business: Plumbers


There is no question that the Pay Per Call industry is undergoing a significant modern renaissance. Pay Per Call  is not a new concept, but rather one that is receiving a new boost courtesy of the mobile revolution. Pay Per Call  strategies have existed for decades via print, radio, and TV ads, but with millions of people carrying smartphones in their pocket, today’s Pay Per Call strategies focus on mobile lead generation. Today we’ll look at how Pay Per Call can provide a positive return-on-investment (ROI) for the plumbing industry.

Industry Overview

The vast majority of plumbers operate in a confined, local area. The size of a plumbing company’s coverage area depends on the size of the market it exists in. Naturally, a plumbing business in a major metropolitan area will try to cover as many suburbs as possible, while a company in a small town may just cover the entire town.

Plumbers rely on local leads, and more importantly, quality leads. Plumbers don’t make money answering phones and fielding questions. These businesses need quality leads that result in work, which in turn generates revenue.

Pay Per Call for Plumbers

Home Services is considered one of the most prominent consumer verticals in Pay Per Call advertising. When consumers need work done on their home, they aren’t looking to fill out contact forms online or peruse a website looking for information. A leaky pipe or malfunctioning toilet is a concern that needs to be addressed immediately, which leads to consumers searching for a service and making a call.

Best Media Channels for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Modern Pay Per Call campaigns work across a variety of media channels, including print, radio, TV, desktop and mobile Web. There is no one media channel that works better than the others on a consistent basis. Success is determined by the quality of the leads generated in any given media channel.

When it comes to service industries, such as plumbing, print media provides a consistently strong ROI. Print media has a relatively low cost barrier at entry, but provides great quality in terms of the leads it generates. Consumers aren't going to view a plumbing print advertisement and then call in unless they have a need for that service.

Mobile advertisements are another strong media channel for the service industry because it capitalizes on the sense of urgency in the consumer. When a pipe bursts in the house, the problem needs to be addressed immediately. If people don’t reach for the phone book or newspaper in search of plumbers, they’ll pick up their smartphone and search online.

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What to Watch Out For

The most important thing any plumbing business can do is find a trusted publishing partner to run a Pay Per Call campaign. The quality of calls is vital, and so is the ability to use a tracking technology platform. The business is paying for every call, so it’s important to ensure those calls are valuable.

A reliable publishing partner will offer analytics that track where the calls are coming from, record the duration, and even record the audio to accurate determine the value of each call. A good tracking technology platform will guard against wasted phone calls (such as telemarketing calls to the business), while also tracking where the calls are coming from (commercial customers or residential customers). Knowing the geographic location can also help the business better focus its print ads, for example, in future Pay Per Call campaigns.

Pay Per Call campaigns are particularly important for service companies like plumbers because consumers want to speak directly to professionals before committing to buy.

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