Pay-Per-Call Dominates Mobile Lead Generation


Lead generation on desktop has been one of the biggest forms of affiliate marketing for many years, and it doesn't’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. While some publishers have moved over to selling a product, or pushing installs, most have found their success driving users to a form submit. There are obvious challenges with trying to get users to fill out a 3 page form, especially when it requires a lot of personal information, but affiliate marketers always find a way to get it done. Although this has seen years of success, we are now seeing more and more users browsing from mobile devices, and we are quickly learning that long form submits are not exactly appealing to users on a smartphone.

This is where pay-per-call comes in, and makes offers easier to convert and directly connects consumers with advertisers. Instead of filling out a form, publishers now have the ability to drive consumers to a click to call phone number and have them speak to an experienced sales agent. For most users this is a natural action and it gives them a sense of control knowing that they can speak to someone when they want to rather than waiting for someone to contact them. The action of making a call is also a great qualifier, adding a sense of commitment and engagement between the user and the conversion. If the consumer has made the choice to call, they have likely already made a commitment in their mind to get a quote, get more information, or hear a sales pitch.

One of the major benefits of this sense of commitment and engagement is the higher average conversion rates on pay-per-call offers. A typical pay-per-call offer converts after the consumer has stayed on the line for 1-3 minutes, which in the grand scheme of things is a very short period of time. On average, pay-per-call conversion rates can be anywhere from 20%-50%, and even higher for well optimized campaigns. Instead of trying to force an unnatural action, pay-per-call gives publishers a way to deliver a qualified lead to an advertiser in a way that feels comfortable for the consumer.

There are endless ways to drive traffic to pay-per-call offers, whether it is click to call on display, call extensions on AdWords, adding the number to an existing campaign, promoting the number through email, sending out flyers, or even buying a billboard. Pay-per-call is finally now hitting it's stride and there is still a ton of potential and several new opportunities in this growing marketplace. There is no reason why publishers shouldn't’t be finding ways to add pay-per-call offers in to their mix of profitable affiliate campaigns.

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Mike Williams

Image source: Ricky Romero via Compfight