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Pay Per Call Marketing Growth and Opportunity Infographic

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Finally someone made an infographic about the state of the pay-per-call marketing industry. Thanks to the guys over at Log My Calls that created this pay-per-call infographic in tandem with BIA/Kelsey.
Pay-per-call marketing is definitely a growing marketplace and with an increased adoption of mobile phones it's becoming a highly viable and profitable marketing tactic for both advertisers and publishers. The pay-per-call industry is not new, but it's finally maturing and becoming an emerging industry and marketplace.

The infographic does a good job to lay out the potential growth and opportunity with pay-per-call marketing. Pay-per-call is un-like other marketing methods, since it makes a direct connection with the consumer to the advertiser. So, it should not be a surprise that many businesses consider phone calls to be their top lead source, above direct mail, online, television, radio, etc.

It's also worth noting how much pay-per-call advertising is driven by mobile sources. Many publishers are finding success with pay-per-call on mobile search and display from top-tier ad networks.

Pay-Per-Call Infographic

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Mike Williams