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Ring Pools FTW - Pay Per Call Tip of the Week – July 5 2013

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Tip of the Week:

Want to track your Pay Per Call Campaign? You can track anything with Ring Pools! With the Ring Revenue platform every Ring Partner publisher can have access to Ring Pools and track any number of parameters for a given campaign. Ring Pools use a group of phone numbers to associate calls with the parameters a publisher wants to track. The Ring Revenue system will generate a unique link that can be placed on a landing page in order to track. Ask your Ring Partner Affiliate Manager how we can help you get started with Ring Pools.

Hot Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • CashNet USA Payday Loans Pay Per Call - Personal Loan
  • Empire Today Pay Per Call - Carpet and Flooring
  • 1-800-Dentist Pay Per Call - Dental

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New Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • Terminix Pest Control Pay Per Call
  • TruGreen Lawncare Pay Per Call - Home Services
  • iYogi Antivirus - Pay Per Call

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Mike Williams