RingPartner Retires Self Serve Platform



RingPartner has retired Self Serve Platform. Launched in January 2016, this Platform allowed advertising clients to have the ability to create, customize, and control their own Pay Per Call campaigns.  In an effort to continue our successful growth, we are focusing more on our Managed platform where we deliver qualified calls across hundreds of industries.

What Does This Mean?

Don’t worry, RingPartner isn’t going anywhere! We are thriving more than ever and will continue to focus in on our Managed Platform.

For clients who are looking to generate high-volume, qualified, inbound customer calls across a range of industries, our Managed Platform allows them to work closely with our Sales Team to generate high quality calls.

Do You Need High Quality Calls Delivered To Your Business?

Some marketers still prefer to rely on guesswork rather than use testing tells you what’s working and what isn’t. Analytics don’t lie, and you can easily identify the best online and offline sources for driving traffic, as well as the offers, headlines and copy that result in the most conversions. These simple tests aren’t hard to perform, and they will provide insight that helps you hone your campaigns until they deliver high-quality leads and revenue reliably.

RingPartner delivers  high quality inbound customer calls over a wide range of industries, and can offer scalable solutions to suit your business’ needs. If you think you would be an optimal partner for RingPartner, we encourage you to apply to become a partner.

If you think that you might be a good fit for the RingPartner Exchange, please visit our website to apply to become a client:www.ringpartner.com/buy-calls