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Three Reasons A Small Plumbing Business Absolutely Must Use Pay Per Call Marketing

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Reading time: 4 minutes

As a small plumbing business owner, you know it can tough to compete with larger companies in your area. They likely have a larger fleet of service people, they've got a much bigger advertising budget, and they probably even have name recognition. How do you hold your ground? It turns out, there's a great way you can stand toe to toe with them and often come out on top: Pay Per Call marketing. Here's a look at why Pay Per Call for plumbers is the absolute best answer for you.

#1: People don't have time
to search

Oftentimes, when people are looking for a plumber, it's an emergency. There's water spilling into the house, and they need someone right now. In years gone by, a customer would have grabbed the Yellow Pages, scanned through the list, and chosen a familiar name. But those days are gone. When someone searches for a plumber now, they look online for the fastest, easiest answer. Wouldn't it be nice if your business pops up and you could be reached with a single click? Make yourself easier to choose than others, and customers will do just that.

#2: You can limit to
one certain area

Plumbing emergencies happen overnight a lot of times, and while large companies might have a fleet of repairmen available at any hour, that's not the case for a small business. Especially in the overnight hours, it makes sense that you'll want to limit your services to a certain geographical region. With PPC, you can set your ad to appear only in certain areas, making sure you don't have to head too far away from home. When you have such a narrowly focused service area, you can make sure your response time stays low. Get to your customers quickly, and they'll trust you again and again (and likely tell their friends).

#3: Your advertising
is more effective

Let's be honest - advertising isn't cheap. The plumbing area is a competitive one in most any city, and the "big guys" likely have much more money to spend that you do.

If you don't have the budget to create a slick commercial with a catchy jingle, how do you compete?
The answer is to beat them in a different area.

PPC advertising has a much higher rate of return that other advertising methods, meaning you're spending your money much more effectively. You're not spending more, you're spending smarter.

If you've only heard of Pay Per Call but you've never actually invested, there's never been a better time. Mobile traffic is booming like never before, and many people are using their cell phones to conduct business searches. It's where the customers are, so it's where you need to be as a company.