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Top 25 Tweets from Leadscon 2013 via #leadscon

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Check out the top 25 tweets from Leadscon 2013 via #leadscon. Did you tweets make the list?

"Mobile #leadgen is more of a threat for advertisers" at the moment, says @MyFreeScoreNow's Bruce Cornelius #leadscon

No trade show booth is complete without a mermaid in a fishtank #leadscon pic.twitter.com/wMtDMng2Op

Panel discussing ObamaCare at #leadscon - legal compliance should be top concern for lead generators.

"The closure rate with phone calls is always 10-15% higher than online" - Ryan Hartman, @esurance #leadscon

More than half the calls across our all marketing automation platform are #mobile - Jason Spievak, CEO @RingRevenue #leadscon

"The only way you can determine the value of a lead is by its performance." - @RossShanken from @LeadID #Leadscon

Steve Rafferty "The first questions to ask of a lead are where did this person signup and what was their intent." #LeadsCon

"The Insurance lead gen industry is transforming through buyer feedback" Ian Smith, QuoteWizard #leadscon

"If a publisher isn't willing to sign your brand's T&C's, it's not worth working w/ them" -- Telic's Dustin Wolff #LeadsCon

If someone is filling out a 10 page offer in less than 10 sec its probably a bot. Something simple to check @cakemark @leadscon #leadscon

Affiliates(2): to me, it's more than just "one bad guy hopping networks." Fraud is complex, and relatively easy. #leadscon

So I'm here at the #LeadsCon conference in Vegas. Why are so many people wearing orange sneakers? And with suit jackets...silly!!! #Mirage

Only 17% of smartphone usage is for texting an talking. #leadscon

Not sure I agree with a complete "mobile first" strat. I think "solution" or "simplicity" first might be a better starting point? #leadsCon

"Mobile consumer wants discoverability, 24/7/365 access, and simplicity" - Erin Lantz #LeadsCon

Erin Lantz: 1/3 of Internet search is from mobile devices! #leadscon #LCmobile

Just landed in Vegas for #LeadsCon. Catch up with friends, do some deals, win some money, rinse and repeat!

Short form vs. Click-to-call? Mike Anthony: "We have seen success when there is a landing page involved." #lcmobile #leadscon

The potential for mobile lead generation is there but it's been elusive for many companies. #leadscon

Key to mobile: shorten the form. Use more drop-downs. #LeadsCon

75% of all Pandora listening happens on mobile today. #LeadsCon #newmobilereality

"Search will give you the ability to be a superhero." -- @stefanweitz, senior director of search, Microsoft #Leadscon

All the @DoublePositive folks are out and about wearing out #nerdyswagger ..please help us get that trending!!! #LeadsCon

"We're not in the traffic business.  We're in the outcome business."  Steve Krenzer of CORE Digital Media.  #leadscon

Almost a billion dollars in media revenue on stage. #LeadsCon

Mike Williams