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Use tel: Links When Doing Pay Per Call. Pay Per Call Tip of the Week – May 31 2013

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Use tel: links

Tip of the Week:

Use tel: links on your landing page to make your phone numbers click to call friendly! Not all browsers will recognize a phone number on the page and create a click to call link. Use a tel: link to ensure that when a user clicks on your phone number their phone will prompt a call. Simply structure the html of you link like this - <a href="tel:+12509007280">Call Now!</a>.

New Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • CollegeQuest Pay Per Call - Education
  • Empire Today Pay Per Call - Carpet and Flooring
  • Philips Lifeline - Medical Alert

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Top Pay Per Call Campaigns

  • CashNet USA Payday Loans Pay Per Call - Personal Loan
  • iYogi Tech Support Pay Per Call - Virus Removal
  • 1-800-Dentist Pay Per Call - Dental

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Mike Williams