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Webinar: How To Connect Calls From Paid Search To Sales With Hanapin Marketing and Invoca


Reading time: 1 minutes

We are excited to co-host a brand new webinar for Advertisers with Hanapin Marketing and Invoca on How To Connect Calls From Paid Search To Sales.

We talk about the importance of Call Attribution and Call Conversion when using platforms like AdWords or Bing Ads. Mobile Marketing has opened up new doors for marketers and advertisers alike and using advanced tracking tools (like the ones provided by Invoca) will give you deeper insight into your marketing efforts.

In this webinar; we go over;

  • Formulas that can help analyze calls and make the connection back to sales
  • How to optimize your calls and mobile landing pages for maximum conversions
  • Live examples for B2B and B2C call attribution

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Jacob Brown, Hanapin Marketing Jacob Brown, Hanapin Marketing

Julia Stead, Invoca Julia Stead, Invoca

Henry Skey, RingPartner Henry Skey, RingPartner