Winter Mobile Traffic is Coming! Are You Prepared?


Today TapJoy posted an infographic to their blog all about how Holiday Shopping is Going Mobile this year. You can see the full post here - As TapJoy says, now that Halloween has passed, the holiday shopping season has kicked off! Yes, there is an increase in mobile shopping traffic prior to Black Friday, so be prepared today with a campaign to take advantage of the increase in traffic on mobile phones.

The TapJoy blog post states that "Last year, mobile accounted for a fifth of holiday ecommerce sales" and in 2013 that number is only expected to grow further. Some other really interesting stats from the article - 55% of consumers bieng holiday shopping after Halloween, 35% plan to use mobile devices for shopping and 40% will request info about sales, products or stores on their mobile device. So, now is the time to get a pay per call camapign set up and running, prior to the increase of sales coming in December.

Adding more fuel to the mobile shopping fire, What Runs Where also posted an infographic today about the growth in mobile. You can check out their post here - Anyone who doesn't realize that there is growth in mobile, must be living under a rock. But, while everyone may realize this growth opportunity, not all marketers are taking full advantage. As What Runs Where says "Everyone and their mother now has a smartphone", it's true! What Runs Where also states that "it is predicted that by the end of 2013 1 in every 5 people on earth will have a smartphone", think about that! What a massive opportunity in mobile marketing.

Some key facts from the What Runs Where infographic - 22% of the world is using smartphones, 1.4 Billion people will have smartphones by the end of 2013, 16% of mobile users made a purchase on a mobile device. So, yes, mobile is growing and now is the time to focus your marketing efforts on mobile devices!

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