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Call times are up by 43% from 2016 to 2018.   Here's how we're making the most of it.

Sure, we deliver high quality inbound consumer calls, but you might still be wondering what really happens when you become a RingPartner. This is the place for you!

Below you'll find real examples of how we have helped clients grow their businesses with Pay Per Call and the insights we've discovered along the way.


Case Studies & Reports


The Call for Open Enrollment Campaigns Continues to Grow

Each year during open enrollment, RingPartner sees a large increase in callers who are looking to connect with businesses across North America. Here’s how we help the industry make the most of this period.

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Auto Repair Industry Case Study

RingPartner works with a wide variety of Auto Repair providers ranging from large businesses to local shops, delivering hundreds of thousands of calls each year.

Legal Services Case Study

We work with a wide variety of legal service providers ranging from large firms to local notaries. The legal industry is highly competitive - here's how we connect customers with the right legal services at the right time:


Digital Behaviors in Auto Insurance

RingPartner anaylzes millions of yearly consumer calls which providing us with unique insights into both consumer and business behaviour.


Demand for Interaction 2017

As consumers of every generation are increasingly bombarded with digital communications, it remains incredibly necessary that brands embrace the power of human interactions. 

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Hotel Industry Case Study

RingPartner worked with a leading international hotel chain that represents a global lodging industry worth just over $490 billion in 2016 and with a projected valuation of $553 billion by 2018. 

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Let's Make a Deal!

RingPartner analyzed big data on the least and most popular times of the year that consumers connect with important service providers and vice versa.

Guides & eBooks

The world of performance marketing is brimming with industry terms.
We're here to help you navigate the jargon with our eBooks, infographics, and guides designed just for you.


Health Insurance Overview

This helpful guide will cover different types of health insurance plans that are available for people to purchase; including those outside of open enrollment.


The Smart Speaker Revolution

Smart speakers are taking over american households forcing digital marketers to adjust their online marketing campaigns to this new reality of consumer search.


Pay Per Call 101
A Guide for Beginners

Pay Per Call marketing is a time-tested marketing approach that takes advantage of something the vast majority of the American populace has access to: a phone. 

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Mobile Marketing Guide 2018

With the popularity of mobile devices, it's easy to say that these devices are the future of marketing. This guide will discuss everything you'll need to know to start with Mobile Marketing.


Pain & Potential in the Auto Insurance Industry

Every business has their paint points, but if you can see your pain points and know the potential within them, your business will thrive.

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