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Connect with new customers through Pay Per Call marketing today.

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Grow your business with Pay Per Call.

Wait. What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is a performance marketing method where you can buy qualified inbound consumer calls from supply partners.  When you work with RingPartner, our innovative bidding platform delivers high quality calls from our trusted supply partners to you in real-time - how you want, when you want.

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Hyperlocal Campaigns

Get the leads you want, when you want, with targeted campaigns tailored to suit your needs.

Our Exchange consists of qualified online marketing professionals ready to deliver high quality, personalized consumer calls to you. 

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Get Sales-Ready Inbound Calls

Each month, we generate over 1 million inbound phone calls. Tap into the Pay Per Call market and get connected with consumers who are already searching for you.

Even better? You only pay for high quality calls.

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Real-Time Reporting

Live monitoring and analytics allow you to take control of your campaigns via our easy-to-use dashboard.

Another perk? Our in-house quality control specialists and call optimization experts are here to help you succeed.

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Get Industry Insights & Market Reports

More calls, Better calls.

We give you the tools, coaching, and analytics for you to grow your business with sales-ready inbound calls. 

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RingPartner will bring consumer calls to you- all you have to do is answer. We make it easier than ever for brands and businesses to harness the power of inbound phone calls to grow their market share.

Create your campaign, choose your hours and geo-targeting, and we'll start connecting you with real callers in real-time. The best part? You only pay for qualified calls!

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Do you want to monetize your traffic by sending inbound calls? We provide publishers with all the tools they need to run successful campaigns and earn more with Pay Per Call. 

Find the perfect Pay Per Call campaign, run your traffic in unique and hyper-local verticals and get paid for every qualified call you generate!

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The Exchange

Using our proprietary real-time call bidding platform, callers are easily connected to you at the exact moment that they are ready to make their purchasing decision. 

You can rest easy while we keep your campaigns running at optimal capacity using our real-time risk analysis and our trusted traffic sources like our in-house media buying team. 

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Who We Are

When callers are ready to buy, RingPartner is there to connect them to the service or product they need (that's you!). RingPartner delivers thousands of high quality customer calls every month.

We were founded in 2013 by performance marketing veterans. Since then, we've grown into the largest Pay Per Call exchange.

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