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About Us

RingPartner was founded in 2013 by a couple of digital marketing veterans. Smartphones changed the landscape of direct marketing and the team at RingPartner recognized that there was a better way to instantly connect consumers with the products and services that they wanted.

Instead of filling out an online form or flipping through their local phone book for business info, a consumer could simply click on a phone number directly from their mobile phone to connect to a business.

RingPartner’s Call Marketplace, powered by proprietary platform technology, makes it easier than ever to harness the power of a simple phone call to grow your business. Because RingPartner operates on a Pay Per Call basis, clients only ever pay for calls delivered to them in real-time.

In 2015, RingPartner was selected for the Google Patent Starter Program, and was awarded two patents. As part of this program, RingPartner also joined the LOT Network, which helps protect companies large and small from patent trolls.

Our patents:

With our nimble dev team and powerhouse of digital marketing experts, RingPartner is powered by innovative tech solutions for businesses around the world.

Real calls and real consumers, in real time.
That’s the power of Pay Per Call.


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