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How it Works


Call Marketplace Technology

RingPartner makes it easier than ever to harness the power of a simple phone call to grow your business.

You can immediately grow your business reach, no matter the size, when you join our Call Marketplace.

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Hyperlocal Calls 

Buyers can bid on calls through our proprietary technology platform to get calls when and where they want them most.

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Live Insights

Get access to real-time data and analytics to optimize bids and enhance conversions.

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RingPartner Routing Platform 

Our patented technology platform uses machine learning to deliver calls to the right business at the right time.

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Quality Assurance 

Buyers on our Call Marketplace enjoy dedicated account management, in-house quality control systems, and support.


Win the Calls You Want

Dictate Your Rates

Your account manager will work closely with you to define optimal bid rates and hone in on your ideal bid prices across every industry.

Competitive bid rates enhance your ability to win more calls.


Bid Rate Factors

  • Location

  • Hours

  • Rate

  • Call duration

Call Marketplace Intelligence

Our proprietary Real-Time Call Bidding (RTcB) platform technology powers the Call Marketplace, and each transaction occurs in less than one second.

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Real-Time Calls

  • Seamless user experience

  • Instant bid results

  • Hyper-targeted

The RingPartner Package

Proprietary Websites

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Calls are generated from our owned & operated websites across multiple verticals. 

Sample verticals in our properties:

  • Hotels & Travel

  • Legal Services

  • Home Services

  • Pest Control

  • Business Financing

  • Medical Services


Fresh Branding Opportunities

Our patented technology provides clients with a unique opportunity:
Mid-Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Commercials.

These custom IVR recordings guide ultra-qualified consumers who want your business straight to you. 


Engaged Consumers

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Get connected with live customers, primed and ready to buy your product or service, via:

  • Calls

  • Forms

  • Clicks

  • Downloads

  • SMS & Messaging


Real-Time Call Bidding

Our proprietary Real-Time Call Bidding platform technology (RTcB) harvests data from millions of calls each year to optimize algorithms, provide scalable solutions, and enable programmatic bidding. We like to cross all of our t's and dot the i's, so we make sure the calls are delivered to the right place at the right time, every time.