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Become a Publisher

Become a Publisher

When you sign up to become a Publisher with RingPartner, you gain instant access to hundreds of different Pay Per Call campaigns in unique, hyperlocal niches. 


Become a Publisher

Sign up and gain access to hundreds of campaigns.


Find the perfect campaign

Our campaigns are in unique and hyperlocal niches. Find the perfect one for you and your traffic. Get approved to run the campaign and start driving traffic!


Find the perfect campaign

Apply to a campaign, get approved and start driving traffic!


Track your performance

Monitor how your campaigns are performing using our Pay Per Call platform. Analyze your performance with real-time reporting and analytics. 


Track your performance

Monitor your performance with live reports updated in real-time.

Get paid for generating calls

When you connect a new caller with a business, you get paid! Calls are considered qualified when they meet certain criteria like call duration, geographic location or keypress.


Get paid for qualified calls

Get paid for every qualified call you generate!

Why You Should Become A Publisher

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Learn from the Experts

Publishers have full access to RingPartner University, our library portal brimming with curated content to help you become a Pay Per Call marketing master.
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Monetize Your Traffic

Earn money from every qualified call you generate. Plus, many campaigns include scalable payouts so the more traffic you convert, the more money you make.
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Fresh Campaigns

Monetize traffic to a variety of verticals, or choose your favorite and run with it. With over 100 active campaigns, there are no ruts for you to get stuck in here.
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Niche Verticals

Targeted, hyperlocal campaigns provide great opportunities to dive into verticals with little competition, making it even easier to monetize the traffic you generate.
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Real-Time Reports

Dig deep into real-time reports to monitor and optimize campaign performance at any time, from anywhere.
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Dedicated Support

You don’t have to be an expert in every type of campaign on our Exchange. Your dedicated Account Representatives help you find the right campaign for you.

Sound like you?

Start generating calls through RingPartner Pay Per call campaigns.

Become a Publisher