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RingPartner offers a fast-paced team environment based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We employ smart people that are up for adventure and ready to tackle everyday challenges with a smile on their face.
Free weekly lunches, continued education, flexible hours, and virtual-friendly collaborations are just a few of the perks that sweeten the deal. We’re growing quickly, so there are many opportunities to learn and grow with us.

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Perks & Benefits

Why join us?

Joining the RingPartner crew is a pretty sweet deal. Here are some of the perks & benefits that make it extra special.


Red Shoes

Get you own pair of red shoes when you join the team. They don’t call us the #RedShoeCrew for nothing!


Flexible Schedules

Flexible work hours and generous vacation time.


Growth Potential

Opportunities to learn, connect with industry experts and grow your talent.


Free Food

Who doesn’t like snacks? Plus, order in from your favourite place once a week – it’s on us.



Team trivia, lawn bowling, donut chomping, baseball cheering and other fun group activities.


Extended Benefits

Coverage includes dental, optical, massage, acupuncture, and more! We’ve got you covered.