2021 Guide to Performance Marketing

Last year was a gamechanger for a lot of industries, including marketing. Consumers wanted personalization and were not afraid to cut out the brands that didn’t meet the mark. Over the past few weeks we’ve been putting out guides and information about how to stay relevant in 2021. We wanted to make it easy to find all the tools and strategies you need to succeed in 2021 so – here you have it.

5 Google Ads Best Practices That Will Continue in 2021

Consumers are searching and purchasing differently. That, coupled with Google’s algorithm changes, means you need to adapt your campaigns. While the competition can be tough, Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results, so it’s worth it to be on top of your game.

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2021 

We receive a lot of emails in our inboxes everyday, so it’s easy to dismiss email as a wasted form of communication. However, for businesses both big and small, email provides an opportunity to create a personalized experience for their audience, without the big price tag. When you consider that you are 6x more likely to get a click from an email than from a tweet, it’s easy to see the impact of email marketing.

Content Marketing Approaches to Use in 2021 

The online space has only become more competitive, and that requires a lot more attention to detail and finessing of your content marketing strategy in order to stay on top.

How SEO Strategies Need to Change to Come Out On Top in 2021

In 2021, you should never get too comfortable with how your pages are performing. We’ve seen people learn the hard way that you’re never too safe to make changes to your strategy. Being flexible and having the ability to adapt to shifts in the market is a critical virtue for success moving forward.

The Value of Pay Per Call in 2021 

As affiliate marketing shifts to focus more on one-to-one consumer engagement, Pay Per Call has unlimited potential for both businesses and affiliates to take their business to new heights.

While these guides are just an introduction into different methods of connecting with consumers, hopefully these resources can help fuel your marketing efforts this year and beyond.

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