How Lawyers Can Generate Leads Using Pay Per Call

If there are anything lawyers are great at – it’s communication. However, there’s more to communication than just getting on a phone with your lead and chatting away. With Pay Per Call, the customer is placed in your hands right when they are ready to talk and you are ready to guide them on their next steps.

How Pay Per Call works

When it comes to topics such as law, consumers want to feel a connection with whomever they are dealing with – a quality that is tough to create with direct mailers, print ads, or billboards. People want a human connection when speaking about personal matters, which is why getting on the phone with someone can be so valuable.

Take this as an example: a consumer is searching online for more information regarding what steps to take during a divorce – including finding a lawyer, tracking assets, etc. They come across an ad urging them to call a phone number if they would like to speak to a lawyer about their case. The consumer clicks on the ad, calls the number, and is directly connected to a lawyer in their area who can help them.

Seems simple right? For the consumer – it is. In the background, there are a multitude of factors that help match up the consumer to their lawyer, and that’s exactly where the beauty of Pay Per Call lies.

Pay Per Call enables businesses to access to live consumers who are looking for their service. All calls are qualified based on requirements that are set by the receiving business beforehand, ensuring that only high-quality calls and leads are funneled through. Meanwhile, the consumer is met with a seamless call experience.

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How Calls are Generated

Publishers, or affiliates, generate calls for lawyers through a variety of sources. Some of the most popular include search, such as Google or Bing ads, and SEO-based website promotions. These types of ads find users right when they are actively searching for information. From here, the consumers can call directly by clicking on the ad (if on mobile) or by dialing the number.

On the back end, an algorithm works to match the consumer to a lawyer based on their location, category of law, time of call, and a multitude of other factors. These factors are determined by the law firm, based on the criteria they choose to qualify a lead. The algorithm then works to match up these factors and directs the call to the winning business. This process happens in a fraction of a second, so the consumer on the line experiences a seamless connection.

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The downside of Pay Per Call for Lawyers

The key to making this work is to ensure that the law firm on the receiving end has enough capacity to receive the influx of calls. If the phones are ringing, you want someone to be there to answer them. There’s no use in generating calls if there’s no one waiting to answer them on the receiving end. 

Another factor to consider is the geographical reach of your law firm. Pay Per Call works best when you have a large footprint to work with. Otherwise, it might be difficult to match up the consumers that call in with the locations you have. On the other hand, if you have multiple locations and can service a large footprint, it makes it a lot easier to funnel consumers toward your business. 

The beauty of Pay Per Call is the ability to reach consumers when they are ready to take action, but the reality is that you need to meet them halfway. The more locations and the time you can receive calls both play huge factors in the ability to grow and scale your business with inbound leads. 

Why Per Per Call Works for Lawyers

Pay Per Call can help lawyers bring in more leads for their business. Lawyers can choose when and where they want to receive the calls and can set parameters for the calls they receive based on factors such as time and geo-location. The best part? They only pay for the high-quality leads sent to their business. No hidden fees or setup costs. 

With Pay Per Call, the benefit to both parties is instant contact. Prospective clients call with questions on legal aid or to request an appointment. Lawyers then have an opportunity to answer questions before scheduling an appointment. Generally speaking, callers are advanced in the sales funnel since they are actively searching for the service, and have demonstrated intent by calling in for information.

Pay Per Call vs DIY

While it is tempting to rely upon Google Ads to run your own lead generation campaign, keep in mind there is great value to gain from generating inbound calls with a Publisher. First and foremost, phone calls come with an extremely high conversion rate. Consumers that call in already demonstrate high intent. They picked up the phone after all – and are the warmest lead you can find.

Secondly, hiring someone to put out ads or doing it yourself doesn’t mean you’ll find qualified leads. There is a lot of trial and error in finding quality leads, something that an experienced publisher has already vetted. Finding high-quality leads is a publisher’s full-time job, and they know what’s going to work. You’re going to see results faster than trying to do it on your own. With Pay Per Call, you are only sent qualified traffic based on your own parameters. This means more revenue for your law firm, and time savings across the board. 

Get More Legal Leads with Pay Per Call

For lawyers, in particular, generating phone calls is often the end goal of their overall marketing strategy. So why not focus on the last step and let the experts take care of the rest? Individuals that pick up the phone to call your law firm are, in many cases, advanced in the sales cycle. They know what legal aid they require and have likely researched your firm before calling. Pay Per Call targets these callers right when they are ready to take action. 

If you’re looking to receive more inbound calls in the law sector, reach out to us! We are already operating in a variety of fields of law and can help you make the most of your lead generation strategies.

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