3 Big Reasons Pay Per Call Is Booming

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last five years, we’re dedicating today’s blog post to helping you catch up on Pay Per Call trends in a flash. The proliferation of mobile phones and growth of mobile search are contributing to a massive increase in Pay Per Call marketing campaigns, and not just in the amount spent on them, but the success companies see from their use. If you’re wondering how mobile is powering the rise of Pay Per Call, here’s three big reasons.

Mobile and Calls Are A Perfect Team

It might seem intuitive; mobile search should drive calls. After all, consumers are shopping online using a device capable of placing a call. Some marketers balked at mobile ads and search early on because smartphones were used for just about anything other than placing a phone call. With more than two billion smartphones actively used in the world today, people aren’t just using them for games, social media, and texting.

Click-to-call features in Pay Per Call campaigns increased the ease of interacting with a mobile ad in a simple manner to launch a phone call and make a connection with a company. In fact, 45% of all calls placed to businesses today begin with a mobile search. That figure far outpaces any other traditional or digital channel.

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Consumers Are Buying In

You can spend all the money you want to advertise in any channel you want, but if consumers don’t react positively, that’s all money that is flushed down the drain. In the digital age, it was easy to assume at first that consumers would stray to email and lead forms for easy communication. However, most consumers still prefer to connect with a business over the phone. So much so that 52% of consumers who connect with a business following a mobile search opt to place a phone call rather than fill out a lead form. People want that genuine connection, and Pay Per Call and mobile platforms form the perfect partnership to make that connection easy.

It’s All About Quality

As a marketer, advertiser, or small-business owner, you need to know that your marketing and ad spend is going toward campaigns that provide you with quality connections to consumers. Phone calls are, by their nature, higher-quality leads than online clicks. The individual consumers that calls your business is more motivated to buy. By relying on Pay Per Call to generate those leads, you avoid the potential for fraud (because you have a personal conversation), get exclusive leads, and have access to call intelligence tools that provide you with quality controls to weed out low-quality leads.

Pay Per Call is back, and it’s booming again. These aren’t the only reasons for its growth, but they do represent three of the biggest reasons behind the rise in Pay Per Call over the past few years.

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