3 Pay Per Call Marketing Myths

Pay Per Call marketing is a vital tool that can help any business, regardless of its size, spread the word about its brand, product, or service, while driving business and improving return-on-investment for marketing dollars. However, there are a lot of myths floating around about Pay Per Call and the publishers that many businesses work with to manage Pay Per Call campaigns. In this post, we’ll briefly address and dispel those myths to help business owners gain a clearer understanding of the value of Pay Per Call.

Myth 1:
Marketing Systems are Easy to Manage

While this seems like a myth that many business owners would like to believe is true, it’s false and you should be glad that’s the case. Many businesses give Pay Per Call campaigns (and other online/mobile marketing campaigns) a shot with the help of publishers because they assume it will be easy. Who can blame them, right? With so much to deal with owning and operating a business, who has time to manage a difficult marketing system?

The truth is that marketing campaigns are never going to be as simple as setting up your business website and selecting some publishers to work with. A successful marketing program, including Pay Per Call, online, and mobile marketing together, requires the formation of good relationships with publishers. You want a partner in your corner that is going to provide you quality, not quantity. Developing those relationships takes time and patience. It won’t be easy, but the payoff in the long run is worthwhile.

Myth 2:
Publishers are Only Useful for Popular Niches

Small businesses have just as much to gain from working with a publisher as large corporations in popular niches. Many small business owners, or those operating in specialized niches, avoid working with publishers on mobile marketing and pay percall campaigns because they believe it simply won’t work for their business. The truth is that publishers offer great marketing schemes for every business. Some businesses just need to put in a little extra work to find the right partners to team up with.

Pay Per Call marketing can be very lucrative, especially for professional service SMBs. The key to a successful campaign is working with the right publisher.

Myth 3:
Success Depends Upon the Number of Publishers

This might be the most detrimental myth out there. Busting this myth is as simple as reminding people of the old saying, “quality over quantity.” When it comes to any marketing campaign, the number of publishers is not nearly as important as the quality of each publisher. You don’t need your brand and products plastered all over the mobile web. You need them to appear in front of the consumers who are most likely to express interest in your brand, product, or service.

Pay Per Call marketing campaigns work when ads appear in front of the right consumers. Working with a reliable, smart publisher ensures that your marketing campaign is seen by the consumers that are most likely to “click-to-call” from their mobile device or pick up their mobile phone and call after seeing your ads. Quantity will always trump quality.

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