3 Quick Steps to Setting Up Your First Pay Per Call Campaign

So, you want to set up your first Pay Per Call campaign. But where to start!

Below are a the first 3 steps you’ll need to get started. The traffic source is up to you, but start with these 3 steps.

Choose an Offer to Promote

Before you can get started setting up your Pay Per Call campaign, you’ll need to decide what offer you’ll be promoting. This might seem easy enough, but there are a few key things to consider.

You’ll want to review the payout, of course! But, you’re not just looking for the highest payout. You need to see how the offer converts. Most Pay Per Call offers convert on a duration, but sometimes they require the caller to press a key before proceeding and in depending on the key press the offer may payout, or not payout.

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Some other key elements of an offer to review before getting started are the call center hours, regions accepted, and the promotion types allowed. Also, you should complete a test call to listen to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the equivalent of viewing the offer landing page. 

On average, Pay Per Call offers convert on approximately 1 to 3 minute calls.

Create an IVR (Or Don’t)

How will your callers be received, filtered, and transferred? Our system allows all publishers to create and manage their own IVR and publishers can decide if you’ll send the caller directly through to the offer. The IVR is a chance to pre-sell callers with a professional recording and filter them to select offers based on key presses.

An IVR doesn’t have to be a recording either, it can just filter the caller based on a set of variables. You can also utilize an IVR to rotate between several offers, to find the best performing offer.

Most publishers aren’t utilizing IVR’s to their full potential, but it’s definitely a tool that we recommend publishers take advantage of. If you need an IVR recorded, just ask and we’ll prepare one for you.

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Decide How You’ll Track

Before you set up a Pay Per Call campaign it’s a good idea to consider how you’ll measure the results. How will you track your campaign’s performance and results?

If you’re running a mobile search campaign and using call extensions, then the only real option you have is to track by ad group with separate numbers. In this case you’ll want to name your phone numbers by ad group in the Ring Partner system. The default number of phone numbers you can have with Ring Partner offers is 10, but ask if you need more!

If you’re running a display campaign or driving calls to a landing page you can utilize RingPools for deeper tracking and more granular data. RingPools rotate through a set of numbers and track transactions that occur per number, during a set time. This allows you to track creative, source, keyword, device, etc. performance based on the parameters you add. There is some API set up with RingPools, but just ask us for help!

Now that you know how to get started and with your first Pay Per Call offer, go get that traffic and start driving calls!

Mike Williams