3 Simple Ways to Boost Pay Per Call Profitability

The goal of any marketing campaign is a successful return-on-investment, or ROI. After all, you have to spend money to make money in this world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to make the most profit possible on your investment.

If you could earn X return on your investment of Y you’d be happy, but what if you could earn 2 or 3 times X for that same investment of Y?

Pay Per Call campaigns deliver profits to your company in the form of high-quality leads that convert to customer purchases, but what can you do to boost Pay Per Call profitability?

Pay Higher Commissions

When you work with a distribution partner, don’t settle for a high quantity of phone calls to your business over a high quality of phone calls. You can optimize your commission structure with most distribution partners to ensure that you receive the highest possibly leads, while rewarding your partners for the effort. One example of this practice in action would be paying a distribution partner upfront for high-quality leads. This can double the incentive for your distribution partner to drive both higher volume and quality in calls.

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Perfect Your Automated Routing

Most businesses have some level of automated service on their phone lines, whether it’s a simple voice recording informing callers all of your associates are busy, or prompts that ask help direct their calls. If you want to increase profitability, you can start by perfecting the customer’s call treatment. Here’s a few tips to smooth out the rough edges of your call treatments:

  • Keep prompts short, clear, concise, and in the language your customers use
  • Put the action at the end of each prompt, such as “To speak directly to a customer service representative, press 3”
  • Ask qualifying questions to filter out low-quality calls

Filter Calls for Quality

This is where all of your efforts are going to “make or break” the campaign to a certain degree. You can pay your distribution partner to drive more high-quality leads, but you can’t expect them to filter all of those inbound calls for you. If you aren’t filtering your own calls for quality, low-quality leads are going to slip through. While you’re on the phone with that individual, a high-quality lead just got pushed to voicemail or hung up waiting to speak with you.

There are common characteristics of low-quality calls that you can filter out of the process, and increase those high-quality leads into revenue for your business faster. Common filters you can set and use with reliability include:

  • New callers vs. repeat callers
  • Caller’s geographic location
  • Day and time of the call
  • Keypresses

Follow these steps and you can improve boost Pay Per Call profitability across all of your campaigns with little extra effort.

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