3 Tips to Amplify Your Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process can be boiled down to a triangular flow. In order to effectively generate leads for a sales funnel, digital marketers must create interest (1) that generates contact from a consumer (2) and then evaluate the quality of that lead (3). As digital marketers go through this process, it is imperative to figure out how to enhance the lead generation process such that the means of creating interest generates more contact from leads that are the most likely to convert. In order to succeed, digital marketers need to find the right ways to amplify the lead generation process. Below are three tips that can be implemented in a lead generation process to juice it up and generate better leads.

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Create Unique Content

Consider this part of the first step in the triangle referenced above. How should a small business go about creating interest in its products? Creating interest is the first step and the first tool available to do this is unique content. Small businesses can use content marketing to make the first outreach to consumers and this can take on various forms. Among the most popular options with businesses are eNewsletters to an email list of consumers, articles posted to the business website, and blog posts that highlight the individual benefits of certain products or how-tos that help consumers. As the triangle suggests, unique content is only one part of amplifying the overall lead generation process. Good content is important, but it has to get to people somehow.

Use Focused Social Ads

As the second part of the triangle, good content is at its best in creating interest when consumers see it and are prompted to act. Social media platforms are an ideal platform for small business lead generation because there are organic, unpaid options that can be employed alongside paid advertising content to create interest and generate contact from consumers. Among the two most important forms of focused social ads are Twitter lead generation cards and Facebook’s new objective-based advertising. Here’s a brief on each:

  • Lead-generation cards on Twitter are a simple two-click option. Users are shown a prompted tweet promoting digital content. When they click on the card it expands to reveal an offer or sign-up form that is automatically filled with the user’s name, email address, and Twitter handle, making it quick and easy for that user to reach out.

  • As the name suggests, Facebook’s objective-based ads are created and tailored to meet a small business’s specific goal. Available goals include clicks to websites, website conversions, page post engagement, page likes, app installs, and more.

Follow it all up with Performance Marketing

In order to judge the quality of contact from the lead generation process, implement performance marketing tactics. The only way to truly amplify the lead generation process is to have a measurable goal and a means of actually measuring the performance of marketing content in reaching that goal. It’s important to remember the following when using performance marketing:

  • Set a clear, measurable goal

  • Don’t overreach on that goal. Make sure it is achievable!

  • Measure the results, adjust, and run it again

Performance marketing is ideal for small businesses in particular because rather than throwing content out into the world with no means of measuring its success, businesses can send content out with a specific purpose in mind. The business then pays only when that specific performance is achieved by consumers, and the data can be used to continually enhance all parts of the lead generation process.

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