4 Pay Per Call Mistakes That Can Crush Your Campaigns

Pay per call marketing, when done properly can work like a charm. This marketing strategy can be a huge money marker, too. But before you get too dazzled by those dollar signs, it’s important to be sure that you’re watching out for these four most common pay per call marketing mistakes.

Make the Right Offer to the Right People

Researching key words is a great idea, but you’ll have to dig deeper than this to get to the big picture. If your aim is off, you could be sending out the wrong message. Testing and retesting is critical to a pay per call marketing campaign. You need to make sure you have the ideal target audience, but you also have to make the right offer. This calls for careful consideration and analyzing skills when going through data. This can help you develop an offer that will appeal to potential customers. Successful marketers may run an offer for a week and lose some money, but the data gathered during the campaign is extremely valuable, because this data can be used to figure out how to make the campaign a success. Your goal is to make the right offer to the right people.

Get to Know Your Ideal Customer

To create offers that your target audience will respond to, you’ll have to get into their mindset. You’ll need to know what your ideal customer wants, and what factors can make the difference between contact and conversion. Get into your customer’s head. Think like your customer. Yes, choosing the right key words is essential, but you need to dig deeper. Create a customer profile with interests, problems, and then, develop solutions for those problems or questions. Let your keywords be the answer that your ideal customer is looking for.

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Always Test and Optimize

There is no perfect pay per call marketing campaign. What works now, may not work at a later date. There are a million different variables that can affect your campaign and your target audience. Test a campaign before launching officially. Get the data you need, don’t just set up a campaign and wait for money to roll in. While no one wants to spend money on a failed campaign, this money is only wasted if nothing is learned. Use failures as learning opportunities. Never be afraid to retest and revise.

Don’t Just Target Feature Phones

Your customer profile should include the device that your ideal customer typically uses. Use this bit of information to optimize your marketing message and increase pay per call volume. Not everyone uses a smart phone, so don’t make the mistake of assuming your ideal customer uses a smart phone. Target your message to whatever device is most commonly used. This sometimes means developing multiple message types for different devices.

Now that you’re in the know, you can avoid these common pay per call marketing pitfalls. Most of these strategies involve using common sense. Developing the right strategy can take some patience and time, but if you’re willing to test and retest, you’ll get the data you need to make your PPC marketing campaigns into a marketing success.

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