4 Tips for Succeeding with Pay Per Call

It should be no surprise that Pay Per Call is an effective way for businesses to gain high-intent leads. As opposed to clicks, that are often low-intent, when a consumer picks up the phone it is a strong indicator that they are already interested in the product or service. Not only does this mean higher sales for business, but also higher payouts for affiliates generating these calls.

Pay-Per-Call is also a preference among publishers because it gives them an opportunity to monetize smartphones, and it’s easy to track and avoid disputes over the validity of the lead or call. These high payouts can lead to lucrative revenue streams.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are already on your way, here are our top 4 tips you should use when running Pay Per Call campaigns.

Go with what you know

Doing research on what the category or niche that you want to work in before you get started. Though it can be tempting to chase the money when starting a new category, picking someone you have knowledge on will have you better apply yourself into generating leads. The more you show authority and knowledge in a space, the more consumers will be enticed to your ads.

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Use a network

The benefit of running and finding campaigns through an affiliate network comes down to speed and ease. Rather than have to approach individual clients and build a reputation, affiliate networks have easier access to hundreds of campaigns one you join. It’s also much more manageable to deal with payments and contracts than doing it on your own. By signing up to a network, you can ensure you don’t limit yourself to accessing offers.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Regardless of what industry you generate leads in, quality is one of the highest factors when it comes to Pay Per Call. Information about call quality should be a 2-way street, where both you and your buyers share gathered data and information about the calls. High quality calls means higher payouts, and gaining trust from your buyers. When it comes to a marketplace setting, this can mean more of your leads being purchased for top dollar.

As a publisher, it can be very advantageous to agree to a test (even if the payout is just workable) and let the test/your call quality advocate for your higher rate. Buyers have a harder time arguing against proven results as opposed to a hypothetical reality that publishers haven’t actually gotten yet. When negotiating rates, let your call quality do the talking.

You gotta spend some to make some.

Failing forward is so key when it comes to affiliate marketing, and Pay Per Call is no different. Don’t be afraid to spend money on promoting a campaign. The worst that can happen is you learn what works and what doesn’t, and can avoid wasting money on a slow spending campaign that will eventually get you nowhere. Oftentimes, the more you spend generating consumers, the higher payouts you’ll see.

There you have it!

Some of our best Pay Per Call tips from our experts. Feel like you’re ready to join our network? You can apply to be a publisher here.

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