5 Actions You Can Take Today to Boost Your Brand

Brand awareness is beneficial for the success of any business. A great product or excellent service is only as valuable to the company as customers deem it to be, and if customers aren’t able to see the brand and interact with it then there is no way the company will be profitable in the long term. This is where brand awareness and branding come into play. In short, branding refers to actions taken by a company to improve both the visibility of the company and its products to consumers, as well as the impression of the brand in the minds of consumers. Some branding takes time to work, but there are also actions that can be implemented now that will have quicker returns. Here are five examples to start with.

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Use OmniChannel Marketing Tactics

A brand is only visible as far as its physical and digital reach expands. Companies using only disjointed marketing and advertising platforms will find it difficult to expand brand awareness. OmniChannel marketing coordinates marketing and advertising efforts across social media, email, Pay Per Call, and content marketing to deliver a consistent message to consumers interacting with businesses in these various channels. Not only does a brand enjoy greater awareness with OmniChannel marketing, it can also more accurately track marketing spend as consumers interact with the brand across these various funnels to ensure money is spent on those with the best ROI.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

If companies want to get the word out, there’s no need to wait on an ad in the local paper, a radio spot, or attention from a local news organization. Companies can boost the brand by serving as their own media outlet. Social media and smartphones allow users to share videos, “go live,” and host podcasts that connect directly to consumers through social media rather than relying on traditional forms of media to put out a narrative.

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Take Advantage of Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

There’s a simple old saying that goes like this; “two heads are better than one.” Companies can partner with another brand in the same niche, but which is not a direct competitor, to boost the brand through partnerships which are mutually beneficial. For example, Eventbrite points to the reasonable partnership between a florist and a bridal shop. Weddings require flowers, so why not catch the eye of a bride as she searches for the perfect dress? Established businesses can reward their customers with greater convenience at no extra cost and newer businesses get an outlet with a company that has an established brand and customer base.

Sponsor Local Events/Teams

One of the quickest actions any company can take to boost their brand is sponsorship. Whether it’s a local event or a youth sports team, sponsorship puts the brand front and center in the community and conveys a sense of attachment. Companies willing to invest in the local community are preferred by locals over distant, heartless mega-corporations. Sponsorship is a big win for the brand.

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Don’t Forget to Remarket

Last but not least, if companies want to boost brand image and brand awareness, the best way to do so is to remain in the customer’s mind. Remarketing campaigns show ads to users that already visited the brand site, but left before converting as a buyer. These ads appear where those customers typically shop and in addition to keeping the brand in the public eye of those who’ve already visited, it provides a subtle nudge to return and complete a purchase.