5 Guaranteed Moneymakers for Pay Per Call

As you should be aware, Pay Per Call is all the rage nowadays due to its stellar conversion rates and ROI. Overall, it’s safe to say that a Pay Per Call campaign will net greater results than competing online PPC campaigns, with a few caveats. Obviously, businesses need to close the deal once prospective customers call in. If you’re an publisher, you should know that Pay Per Call is particularly well suited to certain industries before diving in. Here are five recurring moneymakers for Pay Per Call:

Home Improvement

Pay Per Call as a whole is a tactic that’s extremely effective when the target audience is looking to make immediate purchases. As such, homeowners that are making upgrades or repairs to their domiciles are an easy mark for seasoned publishers. Campaigns that promote local bricks-and-mortar home building supply businesses can be incredibly lucrative once you’ve worked out the keyword kinks. With a few modifications, local mobile campaigns can be easily adapted to attract broader demographics.

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Insurance Coverage

Nowadays, smartphone users rely on comparison shopping engines to make quick but well-informed decisions regarding insurance. Whether they’re looking for home, health or automobile insurance, mobile window shoppers are especially easy to convert with Pay Per Call campaigns. That’s good news for both publishers and advertisers alike. The key is to target the right kinds of insurance when setting up campaigns. For instance, consumers are less likely to buy life insurance based on a simple ad.

Domestic & Foreign Travel

Few market sectors are as easy to promote with Pay Per Call as the travel business. As the role of the traditional travel agent diminishes, the importance of online booking services is rising. Consequently, it’s pretty easy for aggressive publishers to slide into the pilot’s seat and act as the middleman between travel services and consumers. Start by focusing on one highly specific segment of the travel sector before branching out into other areas.

High-Ticket Necessities

For the right kind of publisher, everyday consumer hardware that retails for at least a few hundred dollars is the perfect Pay Per Call opportunity. Items like refrigerators and other common household items like dishwashers or A/C units are always a solid bet. As long as it’s something that people regularly buy and are looking for a good deal on, it should be a cinch. In other words, don’t use Pay Per Call to promote takeout food.

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Upscale Consumer Goods

The brass ring for many Pay Per Call publishers is the luxury consumer market. From women’s handbags to expensive boots to recreational toys like jet skis, there’s plenty of publisher green to be made from those with disposable cash. As long as a call-based inquiry lasts more than a few minutes, publishers can make a lot of money by referring business to luxury merchants. Once you understand your target audience, you can rake in commissions in this sector like no other.

Carving Out Your Piece of the Pie

While these niches are fertile Pay Per Call hunting grounds, they’re by no means the only ones. Though lucrative sectors are more competitive, there’s plenty of business to go around if you narrow your focus. Ultimately, any niche can be a Pay Per Call bonanza with the right ad network by your side. If you’re just starting out with Pay Per Call, the sectors mentioned above are a good starting point.

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