5 Inbound Marketing Tips for SMBs

Inbound marketing is an effective means of reaching new customers that your small business has not engaged with before and that likely don’t even know about your brand. Blogs, videos, eBooks, and search engine optimization (SEO) are all prime examples of inbound marketing used to draw customers to engage with your small business. In fact, inbound marketing draws in 54% more leads than other traditional marketing methods and does so organically without interrupting the customer’s day with an outbound phone call. The following five tips can help your SMB improve on inbound marketing to draw in more new customers.

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Use Smart Web Design

An intuitive website that is easy to navigate and looks great can make a big difference in your inbound marketing strategy. When customers land on your site, their experience using it is going to play a big role in determining how far their engagement with the brand goes. Your website should provide useful information to the consumer, offer a balance between images and text, and showcase smooth navigation so visitors can find the information they want with ease.

Publish Content Consistently

As mentioned in the opening, content such as blogs and eBooks are a few examples of inbound marketing. If you want to grow your SMB with time, your inbound marketing content must grow with the business and offer new information on the regular to keep the brand relevant in the eyes of consumers. Most businesses start with a blog, but whatever content approach you adopt for your business, ensure that you remain consistent in providing that fresh information to customers. If you publish one blog a week, stick to that consistency. Try to avoid publishing two or three posts one week and then not offering anything the next. Consumers won’t know when to come back and look for new content with this approach.

Additionally, as your SMB grows, make sure to mix in new forms of content. Publish infographics on your social media feed or write an eBook with in-depth information about your product or service. You could even look into creating tools that your customers can use. Common examples of this include tools such as mortgage calculators or design templates for home decoration.

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Engage with Customers

Customers want to shop with brands that have a human side and that is often a benefit SMBs have over major corporations. The content you produce tells the story of your brand and that is what helps draw in customers. Content gets them interested and encourages them to follow your brand, but once they start following the brand it is your job to keep them engaged. Check in regularly on social media to provide your followers with regular updates and information. When customers reach out to the brand, respond in a timely manner. Most importantly, strive to create positive interactions for each and every customers.

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Don’t be Afraid of Change

Change is inevitable in life, and that holds true for inbound marketing as well. In particular, the message you promote to current and potential customers might need to change with time. No brand gets its messaging right the first time around, so be prepared to monitor and adjust the messaging of your content to ensure it remains relevant and actionable to customers.

Invest in Pay Per Call

Few marketing tools deliver the type of high-value customers that Pay Per Call does. If your small business satisfies an immediate need with its services, such as plumbers or locksmiths do, then Pay Per Call is particularly valuable. For example, click-to-call buttons make it a snap for customers to search for services near them and just click the phone icon to connect with your brand. If you want to generate high-value leads ready to make a purchase, Pay Per Call is the best strategy to employ.

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