5 Reasons You Should Use Pay Per Call

These days mobile phones are everywhere. Your 70-year-old grandmother has one and so does your 10-year-old nephew. The rapid spread of phone use is what makes Pay Per Call undeniably valuable for businesses big and small. In fact, the majority of buyers are digital, so it only makes sense that your advertising budget should be pooled towards digital endeavours such as mobile marketing with Pay Per Call. This list outlines 5 reasons why you should get started with Pay Per Call and see the ROI your business deserves.

Techy Target Demographic

If your business caters to tech-savvy consumers, then Pay Per Call is the right place for you. According to Pew Research Center, just over three-quarters of Americans own a mobile device. If your business has tech-oriented consumers, then it’s a smart move to direct marketing expenses at mobile users who are likely to be searching for services on their phone. Review your analytics feedback and adjust as needed to be sure you see profitable returns.

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Crowded Niches

Traditional thinking may assume that the more crowded the market, the more you need to spend on marketing. Pay Per Call creates a win-win situation where you only ever pay for a qualified call. This situation is the edge businesses need to crush their competition and see conversions, putting into perspective the high return of Pay Per Call for a relatively low cost.

High Profit Margins

Who doesn’t want higher ROIs? With Pay Per Call you can expect high-quality leads and conversions that would not be realistic with PPC. Affiliate programs allow for an increase in market share without breaking the bank on advertising. Even businesses with great profit margins can easily implement Pay Per Call to see even higher returns.

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Short Buying Cycle

Pay Per Call is great for sales depending on a short buying cycle. Although, this doesn’t mean that Pay Per Call doesn’t also work for slower buyers. Most Pay Per Call campaigns are rooted in immediacy. Callers are often looking for a quick solution to their problem or need. This immediacy enables businesses to make a fast and easy sale over the phone.

Local Customers

Pay Per Call has great results for those that are focusing their energy on local consumers. As mentioned above, tech-savvy consumers are prime Pay Per Call customers because of their mobile usage. This allows marketers to target potential buyers who search for local services on their smartphones. Local calls are almost a guaranteed fast conversion. Keep in mind that Pay Per Call is a flexible marketing tactic with campaigns that can be catered to a variety of needs.

Pay Per Call isn’t a game of gamble like some other marketing tactics. Campaigns are carefully curated and adjusted to find the best results. If the above sounds like a good fit for your business, then get started with RingPartner today!

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