5 Signs That Pay Per Call Is Ready for Primetime

Older technologies repurposed for present day realities often make for amazing success stories in the business world. Pay Per Call marketing is one such example that’s already breathing new life into the web advertising world. Like PPC, it offers online merchants direct access to consumers. Unlike PPC, it enables a level of interaction that inevitably boosts conversion rates. Though Pay Per Call’s triumph may have taken awhile to come to fruition, the technology has finally arrived as evidenced by the following indicators. Here are five signs that Pay Per Call is ready for primetime.

Massive Industry Value

According to eMarketer, total U.S. mobile spending is slated to hit $7.29 billion in 2013. Of the $132.8 billion expended on local web advertising, a solid $68 billion is being spent on promoting in-bound call leads for businesses. Clearly, the local ad industry and call-based marketing in particular are growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the mobile revolution, consumers are calling businesses directly from advertisements like never before and will continue to do so in the future.

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Accelerating Adoption

Every technology eventually reaches a “tipping point” on its path to widespread adoption when it makes more sense to embrace it rather than avoid it due to uncertainty. It seems that 2013 is the year that Pay Per Call finally goes mainstream based on the percentage of analysts and businesses endorsing it. Pay Per Call isn’t just a potential goldmine; it’s already changing the face of web advertising and is one of the fastest-growing marketing industry niches.

SMBs Are Going All-In

The demographic that benefits the most from Pay Per Call marketing is without a doubt the small business sector. While national companies that deal in volume can achieve double-digit CTR gains by using Pay Per Call, SMBs often do far better. Over the past year, SMBs have adopted Pay Per Call in record numbers. If small-time operations are willing to spend significant portions of their limited advertising budgets on Pay Per Call, it indicates that they see the value in the technology.

Third-Party Apps On the Rise

You can tell a lot about the popularity of a technology by how many third-party software programs cater to its users. Pay Per Call is seeing an explosion in the number of tools available to marketers and merchants that streamline the process of Pay Per Call management. The number of analytics platforms, keyword tools and optimization apps targeted at Pay Per Call customers is increasing exponentially. Obviously, major and minor software development firms see the value in developing tools for the medium.

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Recognition from Tech Majors

The most promising indicator that Pay Per Call is here to stay is the fact that tech giants are embracing it wholeheartedly. For instance, Google now features Call Extensions on their AdWords platform, which enables click-to-call functionality. In addition, Bing Ads now boasts Location Extensions that allow advertisers and publishers to use the magic of Pay Per Call to supercharge their promotions. Expect similar actions by firms like Facebook as Pay Per Call heats up.

Long Story Short

Ultimately, Pay Per Call can skyrocket CTRs, kick conversion ratios into the 50% range and improve overall revenues in short order. The incredibly precise targeting capabilities of Pay Per Call make it the perfect solution for any business looking for a killer edge. With the right ad network, Pay Per Call can be the most effective tool available to struggling companies in hyper-competitive industries. Long story short, there’s never been a better time to try Pay Per Call marketing.