Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Our Publishers

What does it mean to be a Publisher with RingPartner? How does it all work? You asked, we’re answering. Without further ado, here are answers to questions that members from our Partner Success team answer on a regular basis…

Top 8
Frequently Asked Questions:
RingPartner Publishers

#1: How can I sign up to become a Partner?

RingPartner is dedicated to maintaining an engaged and active community of Pay Per Call experts on our Exchange. If you believe you have the proper credentials to join us, please fill out an application here:

Please note that RingPartner offers a limited number of partners on our Exchange, therefore applications may not be open at all times. We hope you keep us in mind if we are at capacity at this time.

#2: When, and how, will I get paid?

  • How: Once you add your billing details on the portal, payments are made automatically
  • When: Payment occurs monthly, net 15

#3: Why didn’t this call count?

There is more than one factor that determines whether or not it is a paid call, including:

  • Duration
  • Relevancy
  • Coverage
  • Repeats

#4: Why are the campaign summaries so vague or general?

The majority of the campaigns with RingPartner are not buyer-specific, which means multiple brands could be on the same campaign. Therefore, there are multiple, unique needs being met in a single campaign.

#5: Can you expedite the campaign approval process?

Typically, campaign approval is processed within 1 business day.

#6: Why didn’t I get approved for a campaign?

There are a few key reasons as to why you might not have been approved for a campaign such as:

  • You didn’t apply to the campaign (be sure to double check the name!)
  • It’s a high sensitivity campaign, and you’ll need to run other less sensitive campaigns first

#7: What does “good quality” mean?

Each campaign is unique, which means each campaign’s definition of a good or bad quality call will differ. It’s important to closely read the campaign details and parameters from the get-go to optimize your marketing efforts to suit that particular campaigns’ needs. Be sure to keep an eye on qualifiers like call duration and the caller’s intention. 

#8: Which campaigns should I run?

You won’t know what tickles your fancy when it comes to Pay Per Call until you try it – variety is key, especially when you’re starting out in this type of marketing space.

If you ever want specific campaign recommendations, feel free to reach out to your account manager to learn about new campaigns on the exchange!

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