Breaking Down Programmatic Calls

It’s no surprise that in 2018 machines and technology have been built to do some pretty cool things. We have seen AI technology mimic human interactions, self-driving cars, and ad platforms narrowing down someone’s user behavior based on their history. In Digital Marketing, the day to day interaction with technology may not seem as high-end as self-driving cars, but what technology can do and the speed in which it works is pretty cool – at least to us.

Here at RingPartner, we deliver millions of inbound calls to businesses across North America each year. With the amount of calls generated through our network, a system to sort and control the call capacity is needed. How do we do it? We produce programmatic calls – seems pretty fancy, eh? The whole process is much simpler than it sounds and it only takes a fraction of a second.

What are Programmatic Calls?

Programmatic calls is a term RingPartner uses to define how our proprietary technology automatically sorts inbound calls throughout our network. Using an automated bidding process on our call inventory, we deliver calls in real-time to businesses based on factors like: geolocation, time, the caller’s IVR selection, bid rates, and much more! All these factors help us determine the optimal business to send a call to.

How Programmatic Calls Work

When a consumer is actively looking for a service or product online, they will come across one of our marketing partner’s ads. Once the consumer clicks on the ad, they will be directed to our network where they are sorted based on call criteria and then passed through an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) asking them to better define what they’re looking for. Once the consumer selects a choice, the call is programmatically sorted using our proprietary algorithm matching the call to the optimal business in their area. The best part about this entire process? It all happens within a fraction of a second providing no delay to the consumer.

Tying it All Together

Programmatic calls are simply a fancy way of saying we use Machine Learning, Big Data, proprietary algorithms, and other cool technology to sort our inbound calls. All of these factors combined allow for our clients to harness the power of an inbound sales-ready call in real-time.

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