Current Marketing Trends Impacting Pay Per Call

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-evolving segments of any business operation. In the last two decades, consumers have gone from using paper phone books, newspaper ads, and word email to learning about brands using social media, engaging with video content, chatting with bots online, and searching with their voice. Marketing trends are ever-changing and in 2019 there are a number of marketing trends that will have an impact on Pay Per Call. How that impact plays out for your brand is based on how quickly you recognize these trends. This also means you may need to adapt your Pay Per Call campaigns to take advantage.

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Chatbot Use Continues to Grow

Artificial intelligence is taking over a lot of different marketing segments, but there’s a particular focus at the moment on chatbots. For a business, there are a lot of benefits to using chatbots. This technology is being used to answer common questions quicker for consumers, ensuring everyone gets timely customer service. Chatbots can answer a number of common questions and even initiate requests for customers, but these little bots can’t do everything just yet. If customers come up with a request the bot simply cannot perform, it’s important to ensure it can provide consumers with the best phone number to call to resolve their issue.

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Facebook is Peaking, Instagram is Surging

Facebook is still the number-one social media platform out there and boasts 2 billion active users. However, there is some suggestion that Facebook’s power might be peaking as data breaches and a tenuous relationship between the company and the public at large regarding security and authenticity on its site.

Don’t weep for Facebook just yet though. While the power of its main site may start to wane, it just so happens to own its greatest competitor. Instagram’s image and video-based sharing platform has surged beyond 1 billion active users and boasts an impressive percentage of the coveted younger demographic of consumers, in particular, those under 30 years old. To remain in lock-step with younger consumers, make sure you are producing images and short videos for your brand that can be shared on the platform. Most users interact with Instagram on their phones, so make sure your number is included in the content you share on the platform for easy click-to-call access.

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Voice Search is Increasingly Popular

Between smart speakers and voice assistants on mobile devices, consumers are increasingly turning to voice search for quick, relevant answers. If you want to adapt your Pay Per Call campaign to voice searches and search results, it’s time to get familiar with different search queries and long-tail keywords. Consumers conducting voice searches typically ask questions rather than the simple terms they type into computer searches. More importantly, they are using more complex long-tail keywords. Integrating these factors into your Pay Per Call campaign can ensure you still show up in relevant search results.

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Video is Important

Did you know that 73% of Americans use YouTube? That’s more than 150 million people watching videos on the popular site on a regular basis. Video content as part of your Pay Per Call campaign marketing can help provide customers with valuable information that doesn’t quite have the same power as words on a web page. Walk throughs and how-tos are popular, but you can also use video content to show consumers an inside look at your company, introduce new products, and even display the human side of your brand by focusing on employees from time to time.

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