Discover the Pay Per Call Campaign Flexibility Available to You

When you hear the term Pay Per Call your mind, rightfully, goes to the telephone. The point of Pay Per Call is, as the name suggests, to get customers lighting up the switchboard at your business with calls, inquiries, and purchases. That being said, Pay Per Call campaign flexibility offers an incredibly versatile marketing campaign tool that goes well beyond one or two simple avenues for getting the phones ringing.

If you look closely, you’ll find that there are multiple channels through which you can take advantage of Pay Per Call. In fact, in many cases you can leverage one tool in Pay Per Call across various platforms. For example, click-to-call can be used across various marketing verticals when employed through mobile marketing, such as including a click-to-call button in email, social media, and search marketing on mobile platforms. Below is a rundown of some of the options you’ll find for launching and diversifying your Pay Per Call campaigns.

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Email marketing remains a powerful tool for any marketing campaign, and this includes Pay Per Call.

More than 60% of emails opened today are viewed on a mobile phone, and the simple addition of a click-to-call button with your business phone number.

Because the consumer is already on their phone, a creative email marketing campaign with click-to-call employed makes it easier for that individual to simply call your business.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the most popular and used forms of online marketing, and there are countless banner ad networks that can be used. With the addition of your phone number in that banner ad, you can drive calls to your business without viewers needing to even click on the banner. In some cases, you can target banner ads to appear only on mobile devices and with the inclusion of a click-to-call button, simply clicking the banner ad connects the viewer to your business phone lines.

Online Radio

As of 2014, there were approximately 160 million US internet users listening to online radio platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. This trend shows no signs of slowing, with Statista predicting listenership for digital radio services to grow in the years to come, reaching 191.6 million by 2019.

The vast majority of these users are listening to digital radio services on mobile devices. Even those who aren’t a prime targets for your Pay Per Call campaign. After all, can you afford to pass on your slice of a pie that includes 160 million targets? Those listening on desktop can hear your ads and call your business number, and mobile listeners can use a click-to-call button to go right from the channel they’re listening to and be connected with your business.

Yellow Pages

We’re not talking about your grandparent’s Yellow Pages. The famous phone directory service still produces print versions of its listings, but Yellow Pages has gone digital like other providers and offers you a chance to not only place your business phone number and email in their online listing, but you can even incorporate a click-to-call button so customers can connect directly from your Yellow Pages listening to your business. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!


Almost all apps available today, unless consumers pay to download them in the first place. Chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype have millions of daily users, and ads appear in these apps that you can use to target consumers in your target demographic with Pay Per Call ads. Your number can appear in the ads for them to call, or again a click-to-call button can be used to connect them directly.

Pay Per Call campaign flexibility and customization options provide a truly versatile marketing tool. The only limit on Pay Per Call is how it applies to your business, and in most cases businesses can use various forms of Pay Per Call to reach different parts of their consumer demographic.

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