Finding the Best Pay Per Call Offers to Promote

While businesses large and small are learning to love Pay Per Call marketing in record numbers, it’s affiliate marketers that stand to profit the most from the medium. For affiliates that are familiar with the Pay Per Click realm, making the transition from PPC to Pay Per Call can seem daunting. The key to making the switch successfully is identifying Pay Per call offers that are worth pursuing. Heed the following tips when choosing your offers and you’ll be far more likely to come out ahead.

Run With What’s Hot

Pay Per Call works best when an elicited call has a high likelihood of resulting in an immediate sale. This immediacy factor favors mobile marketing that’s focused on local businesses within the vicinity of the caller. While some industries are more or less evergreen, the industry sectors that typically boast the highest commissions are the trendier ones that come and go. Pursue offers related to rapidly growing industries to maximize the ROI of your campaigns.

Cater to Tech-Savvy Target Audiences

The beauty of Pay Per Call is that it can be adapted to a wide variety of promotional methods. If you feel like it, you could put Pay Per Call numbers on flyers and pass them out at your local Rotary Club on bingo night. However, it’s the smartphone-equipped consumers that you should be targeting. Choose promotions that appeal to consumers looking for local services and products nearby that lend themselves to immediate purchases.

Look at Earnings Per Click Figures

One of the most important metrics used to judge potentially lucrative offers is earnings per click or EPC, which tells you how much you can make per viable lead. If the network that hosts the promotion you’re interested in won’t even publish that information, that’s not a good sign. Once you know the EPC of a particular offer, you can compare it to the EPCs of other offers in the same niche.

Match Your Offers to Your Promotional Strengths

There are as many ways to promote Pay Per Call offers as there are ad networks to choose from. If you’ve been around the affiliate marketing block a few times, you’ve no doubt figured out where your strengths lie. If a particular promotion tends to perform poorly using the methods you’ve mastered, you may want to pass and look for something more likely to succeed using your preferred marketing vectors.

Be Picky About Your Networks

Oftentimes, your promotional efforts will succeed or fail due to the tools and support provided by Pay Per Call ad networks. You’ll find that some are clearly superior to others for particular kinds of offers. Major networks such as Commission Junction and Linkshare boast tons of offers but aren’t always the best in the reporting or support departments. Smaller, more specialized networks such as RingPartnercan be far more productive for many affiliates.

The End of the Line

There’s every indication that Pay Per Call is set to explode in the near future. It’s already posting strong growth numbers compared to other sectors of the online advertising industry. Despite the moderate learning curve associated with Pay Per Call, it’s not difficult to adapt PPC tactics to the technology with a few caveats. If you perfect your techniques now before the competition soon becomes fierce, you’ll be well positioned to excel at Pay Per Call for years to come.