Fine-Tuning Your Pay Per Call Campaigns

As the popularity of Pay Per Call grows, the familiarity of marketers and businesses with the tactic grows as well. In theory, getting started with Pay Per Call is fairly easy. You buy some ad space, plug a phone number and wait for the calls. Optimizing a Pay Per Call campaign is a little tougher. Succeeding in Pay Per Call requires a bit of campaign tweaking to come out ahead. The following tips will help you to avoid possible pitfalls and in turn, eventually profit.

Zero in on Optimal Bids

Probably the best tip that can be given to Pay Per Call newcomers is to really dial in one’s bids for search placements. Even though this process will require a lot of trial and error, the effort is worth it in the end. Overbidding can really kill your ROI and there’s so much to be gained by finding the sweet spot in the middle of the bid curve when it comes to paid SERPs placements.’

Dynamic Keyword Insertion IVR

No doubt quite a bit of research goes into the exact script you’ll use to address consumer calls. One can quickly bump up the conversion rate a bit by inserting specific keywords into the answering messages you present to callers based on initial impressions of said callers. Becoming a call analytics ninja is the key to making this approach work. In the end, it can be the difference between lackluster or even failing campaigns and bona fide conversion bonanzas.

Terminate Losing Campaigns Early

Painful as it may be to accept, some campaigns aren’t meant to go the distance. The beauty of Pay Per Call is that it’s not difficult to launch and modify a campaign on the fly. If a campaign isn’t working for a particular promotion using a particular method, you can always start over. Scraping the project and going back to the drawing board won’t typically throw you off your schedule too much.

Monetize Repeat Calls Creatively

For the most part, Pay Per Call networks don’t pay for leads that happen to be repeat callers. This is obviously a turnoff for affiliates and can seriously impact the effectiveness of an offer. Call promotions can be used to determine whether or not a potential lead is coming from a repeat caller. If so, the caller can be sent an SMS message concerning another offer so that publishers and advertisers both win.

Replace Digital IVR with Real Voices

Using Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a must for most advertisers insofar as assisting potential customers and identifying leads are concerned. Rather than using digitized IVRs, try recording an actual human reading the prompts to boost conversions. Studies show that businesses can see up to a 60% improvement in results when IVRs use real human voices. A small amount of extra legwork in this department can yield surprising dividends when done properly.

Going to the Next Level

There’s no one technique that will propel you to the heights of marketing success. Even Pay Per Call can’t accomplish that. That’s not to knock the awe-inspiring and game-changing potential of the medium. Rather, it’s merely a warning that any online marketing tactic worth pursuing will require a bit of elbow grease to come to fruition. These simple tips can help any Pay Per Call campaign to meet and even exceed its potential.