Grow Your Locksmith Business with Pay Per Call!

Pay Per Call marketing has existed in some form for more than two decades. We’re all familiar with those late-night TV ads for products that change our lives. Those were the first Pay Per Call ads introduced on a large scale. Today’s Pay Per Call industry is capable of helping your business grow by leaps and bounds. It has the power to spread your brand across major metropolitan areas, as well as the ability to target small niches with high-value customers. There are many things that locksmith Pay Per Call campaigns can do to help grow your business.

Advertise with Variety

Trying to determine which marketing channels to use to promote your business is difficult. Which channels (mobile, direct mailers, print, online, etc.) are going to be the most effective? Working with a distribution partner, your locksmith business can advertise its brand to customers across a wide range of channels to spread the word to as many customers in your local area as possible.

Pay Per Call is often associated now with online advertising, both mobile and desktop, but it isn’t limited to that. When you put together direct mailing cards advertising your business, you include your business number on the card for customers to call. Likewise, print advertisements in local papers include your number. At this point you might be wondering how you’re supposed to figure out which channel works best?

Call Tracking

In order to discover which marketing channels attract the most customers to your business, you need to work with a distribution partner that uses call tracking analytics. A good partner will assign different phone numbers to your various Pay Per Call campaigns. The number that appears on your direct mailer will be different than the one that appears in print ads, online ads, and mobile ads. With a different number for each, you can track which marketing channels attract the most high-value customers, and you can refocus your marketing spend to those channels.

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Go Mobile

The most flexible feature of any Pay Per Call campaign is mobile advertising. Ads for your company can show up as banner ads on mobile devices when consumers are conducting online searches, or your number shows up when they conduct specific searches such as “locksmith near me.”

A simple click-to-call button is included, and with one touch, consumers will be connected to your business. A strong mobile focus is extremely important for any Pay Per Call campaign. Your target consumers might forget their keys in the car or on the kitchen counter from time to time, but their smartphone is always within reach.

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