How Call Analysis Can Improve Your Pay Per Call Campaigns

Successful Pay Per Call advertisers and publishers alike are notorious for scrutinizing nearly every aspect of their campaigns. After all, the devil is often in the details when it comes to getting the most from online ad spending. Sadly, many make a critical mistake in not analyzing actual calls from leads to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. No matter what promotion you happen to be pushing, you can achieve the following important goals just by listening carefully to calls.

Reduce Call Failures

As we all know, a Pay Per Call lead only results in a payout if the caller stays on the line for a certain period of time. Calls that fall below that threshold level cost affiliates money and do little for the merchants themselves. Listening to how calls play out in the real world can help advertisers to improve their customer service and assist publishers in fine-tuning their approaches for greater profits and ROI.

Optimize Campaign Offer Details

Even the best-laid plans of Pay Per Call marketers can fall short if there’s a disconnect between an ad’s message and buyer intent. Listening to calls can help publishers and advertisers to determine whether or not a particular pitch is attracting the desired target demographic. Oftentimes, you’ll find that your campaign is failing to pique the interest of consumers at the appropriate point in the buying cycle. Call analysis can help to bridge this gap.

Identify Keywords That Boost Leads

As veteran PPC warriors are well aware, finding the right mix of keywords to include in an online ad requires a fair amount of experimentation. Advanced analytics is one way to hit the sweet spot and reduce ad spending waste. However, Pay Per Call marketers in particular benefit from knowing which keywords elicit certain responses and attitudes from live callers. By reviewing call transcripts and recordings, it’s possible to identify optimal keyword arrangements.

Narrow Down Optimal Ad Parameters

Raw numbers and statistics regarding call-throughs and conversions only tell one side of the story. Listening to human voices allows marketers to understand the unspoken expectations that they convey. For instance, you can tell how receptive callers are to certain pitches based on the time of day that they view ads. If callers are close to making a buy but need a little extra incentive, you can use the insights gathered from listening to calls to tweak your campaigns.

Generate New Campaign Ideas

Without a doubt, listening to calls from potential customers can be the ticket to perfecting existing campaigns that are spinning their wheels. However, it can also help marketers to come up with fresh ideas that might not have occurred to them otherwise. Campaigns that have no chance of working out often prove to be particularly fertile ground for inspiration. Listening to calls is typically the best way to find out what matters most to your target demographics.

Listen, Learn, Profit & Repeat

If you take away anything from this brief exposition, it should be that the human element in any campaign is always the most important consideration. Ultimately, listening to the people that you’d like to transform into customers is the key to making your Pay Per Call marketing truly take flight. If you remember that crucial variable when crafting new campaigns, everything else will eventually fall into place in due time.