How Can A Phone Number Improve Brand Visibility

Your business phone number, it’s just a few digits arranged randomly right? Wrong! It’s time to take another look at the power of your business phone number. It’s more than just a means of personal contact between your business and potential/repeat customers. You can actually use your business number to improve brand visibility in your market. With greater brand visibility comes increased phone calls, store visits, and (hopefully) sales revenue. So, how can a phone number improve brand visibility?

Leverage the Power of Pay Per Call

If you’ aren’t already familiar with it, Pay Per Call marketing is entirely focused on using social media, banner ads, and other forms of advertising to market your business phone number to potential customers. Pay Per Call ads put your phone number in front of the eyeballs of would-be customers, encouraging them to reach out to your business. In this way, Pay Per Call uses your business number to boost brand visibility. Already using Pay Per Calll? Well, there are other options too!

Boost Google Rankings

You don’t have to bust your budget on SEO optimization to climb the Google rankings. The higher your business page lands on Google SERPs (search engine result pages), the more visible it is. Fortunately, there are two simple steps you can take to boost your Google rankings. First off, make sure your business is accurately listed on Google Maps. From there, ensure your business name and phone number are listed. Not surprisingly, Google turns to its own platforms (Google Maps) when compiling search result rankings. With just two tidbits of information, you can use your phone number to boost brand visibility.

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Customize Organic Results

Organic search results are powerful for any brand, in part because it’s difficult (if not impossible) to buy your way to the top. Customized, accurate content lands you at the top of organic results. You can exercise control over your brand visibility in organic results by customizing your title and meta description. With a short, concise meta description and your phone number included, you can boost brand visibility and encourage calls without the need for customers to even clink on your link in the results.

Your business number is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. From Pay Per Call to boosting your Google Rankings, that simple number can help improve your brand visibility in no time.

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