How Can My SMB Benefit from Pay Per Call

Small businesses typically have limited financial assets, so stretching every penny to its fullest can make a big difference. Pay Per Call has the ability to help SMBs stretch their marketing and advertising budget without making sacrifices on brand awareness and customer engagement. The features of Pay Per Call marketing are important, but the benefits are what any SMB owner should be looking for when judging its value. Here’s some of the many benefits SMBs enjoy with Pay Per Call.

Target Mobile Consumers

Consumers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for various daily needs. This includes the digital journey to purchase. Consumers are searching, researching, and buying online more than in the past. Roughly 67% of the buyers’ journey occurs digitally, and Pay Per Call makes it easier for SMBs to target those mobile consumers. Using click-to-call, SMB owners can simply tap a button on the mobile ad’s call extension and direct them straight to the business rather than having to switch screens and make a call. Local SMBs often gain the most with click to call. Consumers with an urgent need often click the first local extension they see to connect with a brand to solve that urgent situation.

Generate High-Quality Leads

There’s nothing worse than throwing money at marketing efforts only to generate moderate leads, or no leads at all. According to Google, ads with a phone number are clicked on 8% more frequently than those without a number. These consumers are already in the mood to buy when they click, so getting the brand in front of those consumers can generate higher quality leads from the business. Pay Per Call is a fast and efficient way for brands and consumers to connect, capitalizing on consumer mood and bringing ready-to-act leads to the business.

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Retarget with Abandoned Phone Calls

Another benefit of Pay Per Call for SMBs is one which is not talked about as often. Abandoned phone calls offer SMBs an affordable way to target consumers that weren’t initially looking for (or finding) the brand. For example, if a consumer calls a life insurance provider’s number only to learn that the number is no longer active, in most cases the line has a simple message informing them the number is dead. Using abandoned call retargeting with Pay Per Call, brands can have their number listed in that message to redirect those consumers to them instead.

Here’s a brief description how it works. Rather than the consumer hearing a message such as “this number is no longer active.” The message can inform them that the number is no longer active, and then offer them a list of similar providers for that service/product in their area. With abandoned calls, SMBs can connect to consumers already seeking that service/product.

Boost Return on Investment

As alluded to earlier, SMBs have small advertising and marketing budgets. As such, it’s important for SMB owners to get the most for the money invested in advertising and marketing by boosting ROI. Pay Per Call can be hyper-targeted to the right consumer group, and because it tends to attract consumers in the later stages of the buying process, callers are ready to act when they do call.

Pay Per Call has a lot of benefits to offer SMB owners. For brands still on the fence, RingPartner can help identify more specific benefits for individual clients.

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