Use Pay Per Call to Maximize Local Marketing Spend for Your Locksmith Business

We have entered into 2015, and the benefits of Pay Per Call are increasingly obvious to businesses, marketers, and advertisers. Generally speaking, Pay Per Call has the power to boost the visibility of your business and optimize your marketing spend. When it comes to local marketing for locksmith businesses, Pay Per Call has performance abilities that other platforms cannot match. Here, we will highlight some of the advantages it offers you as a local locksmith.


Publishers use geo-targeting tools to provide focused targeting for the areas you operate in. Just because you operate in a major metropolitan area doesn’t mean you can (or should) cover the entire area. For starters, you aren’t the only locksmith in town. Trying to cover an entire metro population puts you up against other locksmith businesses in the area.

On top of that, there are added costs that you cannot just hand down to your customers on a case-by-case basis. If you get a call from a customer on the opposite side of town, you could waste an hour or more just sitting in traffic to get to that customer. If you’ve already quoted them a price, you cannot compensate for the extra expense of gasoline and lost wages on other potential jobs by charging extra on the spot.

Geo-targeting allows a Publisher to focus your mobile and desktop ads to specific geographic locations in your area based upon area codes. This way you can control which parts of town your ads appear in, and keep your target niche within a reasonable range.

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for Your Small Business

Generating High-Value Leads

As a locksmith, you often interact with customers when they are in their greatest moment of need. While people might call several lawn mowing services to compare prices and specific services, consumers most frequently call a locksmith right when they need the service. No one calls around to compare prices for just-in-case scenarios. When they’re locked out of the house or car, they need access now.

With a Pay Per Call campaign, you can get your brand and contact information in front of consumers when they are in a time of need. Using features such as click-to-call buttons on mobile platforms, customers can locate your number with a simple search, such as “locksmith near me,” and use the click-to-call button to be immediately connected to your business.

As a locksmith, Pay Per Call can significantly boost your revenue and help connect you with consumers in a reasonable service area. Contact a Publisher in your area today to learn more about the benefits of Pay Per Call.

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