How Custom IVRs Can Boost Brand Recognition

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is an excellent tool that any company can use to tackle a variety of business operations. Believe it or not, an IVR system can be used to deliver marketing messages at the same time it is streamlining customer support and personalizing the experience for your Pay Per Call customers. A good IVR system can increase conversion rates, and can even boost brand recognition. If your brand hasn’t invested in IVR, here’s how a commercialized IVR system can boost recognition for your brand.

Perception of Professionalism

Arguably the greatest benefit your business will reap from commercialized IVR systems is the perception of professionalism. This isn’t to suggest that your company as it exists currently is a laughing stock, but rather that IVR systems can improve the perception of your brand as a professional, reliable company. Using trained speakers in the system inspires confidence among each individual caller, and can make even small companies appear much larger. Commercialized IVR systems use sound-studio quality voiceovers that present your company in the best possible light with consumers.

Always be Available to Customers

Building off of that previous point, nothing makes your company appear more professional and customer-focused than greater availability. Commercialized IVR enables your company to remain accessible to customers whether staff are manning the phones or not. This frees up customers to call your business during their lunch break, in the early morning hours before they head off to their own job, or even on the weekend without sacrificing the quality of service they receive. Commercialized IVR systems with advanced call routing allow your customers to do so much more and interact with the brand 24/7.

Provide Personalized Caller Information

Commercialized IVR systems are well-designed ecosystems that provide the same high-quality service as a call center representative with countless hours of training. The main difference? The IVR doesn’t require hours of training to perfect the craft of personalizing information to each individual caller. The system can tap into customer data for each incoming call to customize a quality experience for each customer based on their previous interactions with the brand. Again, this helps craft a customer-focused image for your brand.

Personalize Offers for Your Customers

Last but not least, a commercialized IVR can do more for your brand awareness than simply paint it in a positive light. You can program the IVR to present marketing offers and limited-time offers to customers which are specialized to the interests of the individual based upon past interactions. Let them know about upcoming special offers, sales, or even product enhancements to be released in the near future. A commercialized IVR system can passively build brand awareness through positive interactions with the customer, and actively promote a positive image of your brand by informing callers about products, services, and special deals/sales they might be able to take advantage of in the future.

IVR delivers a lot of benefits to your company, including boosting your brand recognition. If you’d like to learn more about IVR and its benefits, feel free to reach out to RingPartner!